one step back

For the past week or so, I’ve subtlely noticed my anxiety creeping back in the evenings.  At first, I thought I was just overly-sensitive and imagining things.  But each successive night I’ve noticed it more and more, and tonight, I was most definitely anxious.  We had church tonight (Wednesday evening Thanksgiving service), and people could noticeably tell that something wasn’t right with me.  I certainly could tell that something was wrong, and I was unable to pretend that it was something else.  It’s definitely my anxiety coming back.

I am hoping that I just need another dose of the homeopathic remedy that I took last time that gave me such great results.  I’m really hoping that does the trick.

I’m feeling rather dejected about this.  But, JJ consoled me by saying that we took two steps forward, and now this is just one step back.  We found something that worked; it just needs to be refined and tweaked a little more until it’s just right.  And, hey, I’m thankful we found this solution at all!  That month or so that I spent anxiety-free was such a wonderful blessing.

I’ll look forward to that time when I feel better again, and until then, I’ll try to not focus so much on me and focus on others as well as all that I have to be thankful for.  Hopefully tomorrow (Thanksgiving) will give me the chance to do that.