singing herself and her big sister to sleep

My daughters have been sharing a room for a number of months now.  They both seem to really enjoy it, and I am very glad.  But one thing has happened that I didn’t expect, and it’s really surprised me.

Curious J does not fall asleep as quickly as Lyd does.  I don’t know if it’s the fact that Lyd is super tired out from her school days, or if it’s the fact that Curious J still takes afternoon naps most days and isn’t as sleepy at bedtime, but usually Lyd falls asleep long before J does.

However, J is not content to quietly lie in bed as she waits to fall asleep.  No, no.  Instead, she moves restlessly around in bed, talks to herself, and sings, which seems to be her favorite thing to do.  She mostly sings songs from our Music Together classes, but sometimes she makes up her own songs, too.

Yet, despite all of that noise, Lyd still falls right asleep.  J’s singing doesn’t keep her awake one bit.  I asked Lyd about it once, and she said that she sees J’s noise at night as a kind of lullaby.

I look at it as a good way for her to learn to sleep in all kinds of noisy circumstances.  I was the oldest, and the only girl, so I always had my own room.  Perhaps because of that, I cannot handle any kind of noise (except for white noise or ambient noise) while I sleep.  Some nights, this zero tolerance for noise is … a problem for me.

Meanwhile, J has been in bed for an hour, and she’s still making noise upstairs.  Calm, content, but a bit noisy.  Oh, well!

Now if I can just figure out how to wean her off of her pacifier at nighttime…