anxiety update

I mentioned about a week ago that it seems my anxiety is creeping back.  It’s different now, however; it feels different in my body.  Before I took my prescribed homeopathic remedy a few months ago, my anxiety would usually start with a (more or less) bang.  Something would trigger it, and then I would feel anxious.

Now, I don’t seem to have a trigger.  I just … start to notice that I’m feeling anxious.  My anxiety isn’t at the same level from evening to evening, and it also lasts longer into the evening.  Plus, it feels more … detached from my body and emotions.  It’s oddly difficult to describe the difference, but I know that it IS markedly different than it was for those years and years.

I figure that this difference is a good sign.  The remedy shook things up quite a bit, and that’s a good thing.  I got another dose of my remedy in the mail today from my homeopath, and I’ll take it tomorrow.  Hopefully I won’t have another big Hahnemann’s reaction like I did last time, but even if I do, I know that the end result will be worth it.

It’s nice to feel like I’m finally on the right path to finding a truly effective way to manage (or even eliminate!) this purely physical anxiety without drugs.  I’m very grateful.


(The other good effect of this remedy seems to be that my recurrent UTI’s are finally gone.  I haven’t noticed any problems at all with my bladder in the past two months, which is wonderful!  If this continues over the next few weeks, I plan to cancel my upcoming appointment with a urologist.  I don’t want to pay money for an appointment I don’t need anymore!)