sisterly love

While my girls do their fair share of getting on each others’ nerves and driving the other bonkers, there are also a good number of moments when they get along beautifully.  Last night was one of those moments:

It was after supper (well-fed children get along more amiably than hungry children!)  I was in the process of bringing boxes of Christmas decorations downstairs to the living room.  Lyd was, of course, peeking into some of the boxes to see what was inside, and she found some little strands of jingle bells.  Not too much later, I heard Lyd and Curious J’s voices coming from inside the guest room closet.  (That closet is the only one in the house that isn’t full; we keep it open for company to use.)  The light was on, and inside I heard Lyd teaching the song “Jingle Bells” to her little sister.  Lyd was dedicately teaching her the song, and Curious J was avidly listening and following instructions and echoing and singing along.

Oh!  Break my heart cute! 🙂

I do love seeing those two girls become better friends every day.