elvish thievery?

It’s been exceedingly cold here lately, at least by Northern California standards.  My computer tells me that the current temperature is 46.  Midwesterners may not find that cold, but for us this is downright chilly!  We had a little rain Sunday night, and it left a visible snowfall on the East Bay hills, which, to my eyes, is lovely to behold.  Likely there will be more snow on those hills, as the forecast for the next nine days shows rain every single one of those days except for next Tuesday.  Maybe, just maybe, for once I’ll even see a little snow dusting my driveway.  What a treat that would be!

But snow or not, it is COLD today.  Our heater kicks in much more frequently than usual, and the downstairs of our house still doesn’t seem to be getting warm!  Nevertheless, my kids still kick off their blankets at night and stay warm as toast, while JJ and I wear multiple layers to bed and huddle under our multiple blankets trying to get warm.  Go figure.

The arrival of the cold weather apparently also brought the arrival of some elves into our house.  A number of important items have been lost lately, and they have not yet resurfaced.  They’ve been searched for, but they seem to have vanished.  I suspect the elves that seem to have arrived along with the boxes of Christmas decorations are thievish little rascals.

For example, our digital camera is gone.  We have no clue where it is.  It would be useful to elves to have a camera to record their lives, right?  So that must be the answer.

Curious J’s lovey blanket is gone, along with one of her few remaining good pacifiers.  This could have been a catastrophe, were it not for the twin lovey that I had hidden in the laundry room as a back-up.  But, where is the lovey?  Where did Curious J the elves hide it?

A number of favorite Christmas CD’s are missing, along with two very important Christmas CD’s that I use in teaching my holiday music classes.  I had them a week ago, and now they vanished.  This could not possibly be my fault, so it must be the elves!

Well, elves, I have a warning for you: Just because our house is a mess with preparations for Christmas does not mean that you can merrily trot off with our stuff!  Any elves caught stealing items from these premises will be dealt with severely!

In other words, I’ll be talking to the big fat guy in the red suit.  Take that, elves!


And now that THAT has been stated, I’m going to go clean the house.  No use letting those elves have access to unnecessary stuff!