homeopathy is still cool

So, remember Curious J’s cough that kept her and me awake the other night?  The next day I consulted my Everybody’s Guide to Homeopathic Medicines book, and I diagnosed her cough as matching the remedy Rumex.  Much to my delight, I found that I HAD the remedy on hand, unopened, in my medicine cabinet.  I don’t remember buying it, but I’m glad I did!  I gave her a dose, praying that it was right and wouldn’t antidote her constitutional remedy.  Well, it seems that it WAS the right remedy, because after a few hours, she got markedly better.  I gave her a 30C strength, so it took longer to kick in, but it worked really well.  I haven’t felt the need to give her a second dose, as her cough and cold is almost completely gone.  I am VERY pleased!  Yay homeopathy!

As for me, I’m still seeing changes in my body since my own homeopathic constitutional remedy.  I still have more anxiety than I would like, especially in the evening, but it’s definitely less than it was before and it acts differently in my body.  It seems that now my anxiety is almost completely situation-based, and with the current stress of the holidays and an upcoming flight to WI coming up as well as other situations in my life involving my concerns for other people, I am dealing with a bit of anxiety.  But when I think about it logically, it seems that for most people, anxiety is usually worse in the evening; plus, the holidays are stressful for almost everyone.  Frankly, I wonder if I didn’t have these same anxious feelings in college as well, but that I didn’t label them as anxiety.  I think that might be pretty close to the truth.

Furthermore, I know that I come from a family of worriers; I know Grandma Violet struggled with that for years, and it kept her awake many a night.  Even though she had a strong trust and faith in God, I still remember her lamenting many nights about her inability to sleep due to worries.  So, it wouldn’t be unusual for me to have a propensity to worry as well.  But overall, it does seem like my anxiety is better.

My body is still doing different things than it used to do, behaving more like it did when I was in college, and I’m excited about that.  I am excited to see what homeopathy has done in me (and my family) so far, and it will be interesting to continue it into 2010.

I could still use more sleep, however.  Sleep helps my anxiety levels, too, and it’s another something to continue to work on in 2010!