two little blessings

Despite feeling so woozy the past few days (and, unfortunately, feeling anxious about my wooziness as well as feeling anxious about our upcoming trip), I’ve managed to put on my “game face” for my kids.  Thankfully, often my kids make it easier for me to put on my game face as well as distract me from my worries.

This morning (Sunday), I was feeling glum and woozy and stressed, trying to get the girls ready for church while also thinking of all the other things I had to do.  I was rather un-talkative as I was getting them ready, but then I realized that any talking on my part was unnecessary anyway: Lyd was merrily singing “Frosty the Snow Man” while getting her clothes on, and Curious J was singing “Jingle Bells” as I was dressing her.  Both of them were making up their own words to the respective tunes, and I was blessed to be able to see the humor and merriment in the situation despite my own perceived woes.

Without consciously trying to, my girls really made me feel better.  What wonderful girls I have been blessed with!  I love their cheerfulness and happiness; they so often make my day brighter, and they don’t even realize it.  What a blessing my girls are!


feelin’ woozy

(Think the Simon & Garfunkel song “Feelin’ Groovy” when you say the title of this post!)

I’m not sure what’s going on, but I seem to be on a path to end 2009 in a bit of a loopy haze.  Every since the evening of my birthday, I’ve been feeling mildly light-headed and dizzy, pretty much all the time.  It’s not too terribly bad, and it doesn’t seem to be getting worse, but it’s pretty much always there.

I thought it might be a chiropractic issue, so JJ and I got adjusted on Saturday.  No change.

Now I think it’s one of two options.  Either it’s ear wax plugging up my ear and disturbing my vestibular system.  (Being waxy runs in my family.  That almost sounds like a joke, doesn’t it? ;))  Or else it’s me being so insanely tired that my body just can’t hold it together anymore.  Last night, I looked up symptoms in my trusty book “The Infertility Cure,” and with the deficiencies that I usually have (Kidney and Spleen), dizziness and light-headedness are symptoms of those!  I was not surprised.  While I never had those symptoms before, it would make sense that now that my body has radically changed due to the homeopathic constitutional remedy I took (People, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – homeopathy is truly amazing.  My body has shifted around in so many ways that I just can’t believe it.  And, best of all, despite all this stress — I’M NOT SICK!!!  This is completely unlike how I used to be, and it’s pretty darn cool.) 

I think it’s a combination of both issues, but I think it’s more the being super-tired and stressed.  Being The One Who Makes Christmas Happen at Home – and doing it more or less on your own, while you’re husband is busy being The Guy Who Makes Christmas Happen at Church – is really tiring, even when it’s just the four of you.  Because, it’s never REALLY just the four of you.  Plus, I was a part of Making Christmas Happen at Church, too.  And, my husband’s stress level rubs off on me (I think it’s part of that “the two shall become one” thing that happens in marriage), so yeah, I’m wiped out.

We’ll see.  While feeling slightly floaty all the time has it’s … interesting moments, and while thankfully I’m not nauseous at all, I’m ready to get this done and over with.  Hopefully some good R&R in Wisconsin will put me on the road to level-headedness again.  If not, I know I have options to pursue that should work, too.  Thank you, Lord!