I’m still here…

Oh, hi!  I seem to have forgotten that I Haz a Blog.

Yeah, things have been pretty quiet here lately, haven’t they?  My poor blog has been so neglected in 2010.  But, I haven’t forgotten it altogether, and while tonight’s post may be a bit disjointed, better posts will come in the future.

So, what I have been doing rather than blogging, you ask?  Well, trying to keep up with my New Year’s Resolutions, for one.  So far, I am UP TO DATE with PearBudget – yay!  I still haven’t tackled the Huge Stack of 2009 Stuff on my dining room table, but I’m caught up for 2010.  I am waiting to be inspired to tackle The Pile, but I fear I may have to dive into it whether I am inspired or not.

In my less-busy moments (or in moments stolen from another, more worthy endeavor), I have been reacquainting myself with Jane Eyre, both the book and the 2006 BBC movie.  I have two copies of the novel (a hardcover that I brought to my marriage, and a paperback edition that was JJ’s), and I also have the 2006 movie on DVD.  Both are luscious.  What a great novel!  And, liberties taken with adaptation of the novel aside, what a great movie!  I love the music, personally.  (But then, when I love a movie, I usually love the music, too.  What a surprise that I’m THAT kind of girl.)  It’s been a treat to soak myself in that story again; what a fantastic story!

I also decided, for the sake of fairness, to investigate the 1983 version of Jane Eyre produced by PBS’s Masterpiece Theater.  I looked on YouTube for a few clips, and lo and behold, someone has posted the entire movie to YouTube!  It seems that YT doesn’t allow videos longer than ten minutes, so all eleven half-hour episodes are divided into three chunks each.  (If you’re so inclined, here’s a link to the very first part, and you can take it from there.  You can also go onto YT and search “Jane Eyre 1983” and find it that way, too.)

Although, I was just looking now, and it turns out the same person who uploaded the 1983 Jane Eyre movie to YT also uploaded the 2006 BBC (not the PBS) version.  That one has four episodes divided into about six parts each, and the link to the first episode is here.  In fact, now I’m listening to it as I type. 🙂

SOOOO, besides Jane Eyre Mania, and besides trying to keep up with my Resolutions, what else have I been doing?  I honestly don’t know, but I feel like I’ve been rather busy.  Hopefully it’s good things.  We did have fun company on Sunday, and that was a treat.

One thing I’ve been enjoying is my new headset for my phone.  JJ got it for me, per my request, for Christmas.  It doesn’t require batteries, but just plugs into my regular phone.  Very, very nice.

Speaking of phones, after JJ got stuck an hour away on Saturday night with car problems, we’re thinking very seriously about relinquishing our status as Last People in Silicon Vally to Not Own a Cell Phone.  But any cell phone we get would be primarily for emergency use.

I started teaching my Music Together classes again, except for this ten-week session I only have two classes.  Last session I had six.  It seems the sour economy has finally hit Silicon Valley.  Still, the classes I have are great, and I am thankful for them.  I would love to be teaching more, but at the same time, a lightened workload will be nice.  I hope to be able to use the time well and get some long-standing projects finished.  Here’s hoping!

I have interesting posts percolating in the back of my mind for the future, and I hope to get them written.  There’s other stuff on my mind, too, stuff that I won’t be writing about any time soon, simply because a blog isn’t an appropriate forum.  But rest assured, my blogging will continue.  I love my little corner of cyberspace, and I’ll be back to tend to it.  Never fear. 🙂