mom’s sick day

I’m currently sick.  I’ve felt this cold creeping on ever since two mornings ago (Tuesday), and today it’s really hitting me.  Curious J also woke up visibly ill this morning with a very drippy nose, although it didn’t seem to affect her mood at all.  She was still as perky and cheerful as ever.  It takes a lot to bring that girl down; even when she would be in the throes of a bronchiolitis attack during her babyhood, her pediatrician proclaimed her the happiest wheezing having-serious-difficulty-breathing baby that she had ever seen.

Me, I’m not so perky when I’m sick, especially when there’s really no one to take care of me.  I remember fondly childhood days when I stayed home from school because I was sick.  My mother would look out for me all day long, and it made me feel so safe and cared for.  We’d watch “Anne of Green Gables” together, and she would bring me things to eat and drink as I lay on the couch.  That was so lovely.  However, that doesn’t happen anymore once you’re an adult.  Solicitous as my husband is for my well-being, he’s got his own work things to take care of, and even if he could spend the day taking care of me, it still wouldn’t have quite that Mother’s Touch.  There’s something special about how a mother takes care of her sick child.

But, regardless of whether someone was available to take care of me or not, I proclaimed today a personal “Sick Day.”  I took a shower, but didn’t do my hair or put in my contacts, and I wore super-comfortable clothes.  I read more stories than usual to Curious J, and played more on the floor with her.  I spent more time on YouTube watching Jane Eyre video clips.  I ignored my big Thursday task, namely the laundry, and instead rested and relaxed as best as I could.  Thankfully, due to presentiment over my forthcoming illness, yesterday I had the wisdom to cook up one of my bags of frozen Thanksgiving turkey bones and turn it into a delicious and nourishing soup, the leftovers of which we ate today for supper (and there are still more leftovers for tomorrow! :))  There were different leftovers for lunch as well, so I didn’t need to cook a thing today, something I thought was appropriate for a Mom’s Sick Day.

This afternoon, I thought it best to take a nap while Curious J was napping, so I made myself comfortable and tucked myself into bed, expecting to rest but not really expecting to sleep.  Much to my surprise, I fell asleep quickly and soundly, and was awoken only by my toddler cheerfully calling out to me from the next room, “Momma??  Where ARE you??”

I’ve been drinking multiple glasses of warmed water all day (20-30 seconds in the microwave – I hate drinking cold water), often washing down capsules of Echinacea or Olive Leaf or Ester-C with it.  I don’t know if it’s helping, but I’m hoping today is the worst of this cold.  I expect to be more drippy and congested tomorrow, however, even though I also hope to be feeling better.  However, this cold has been behaving very different than colds usually do for me.  I suspect it’s the homeopathic constitutional remedy I took three months ago that is still working its magic.  In fact, I am amazed that it took me this long to actually catch a cold!  I made it through all of October, November and December with nothing than a one-day funny feeling, which I immediately dosed with lots of Echinacea and Ester-C with the result of feeling perfectly fine the next morning.  Despite all the stress of everything, plus despite the Swine Flu Hysteria, I never got sick!  I’m not sure why I got sick now, but I sure was overdue for a winter cold.  And, as I said, hopefully it won’t get any worse than it did today.

So, now it’s 8:45, and I’m off to bed.  With J being sick, too, I’m sort of expecting that she will need some TLC from me in the middle of the night tonight, but that goes with the territory.  Hopefully she won’t need much of anything, and perhaps she’ll even sleep through the night just fine – which would mean I would get a solid night’s sleep.  Here’s hoping!