joining the 21st century

Last night, while he was out and about, my husband stopped by our local Radio Shack and bought us a cell phone.  We have lived in Silicon Valley for almost eight and a half years, and we have never owned a cell phone.  But, we are finally giving in and joining the party.

It’s not a fancy phone; it’s simply a Tracfone.  However, it’s an honest-to-goodness cell phone, and it works!  I even dialed it all by myself this morning and called a friend.  (Hi, friend! :))  I’ve been futzing with it a bit, and while I haven’t figured out much, I did discover how to turn the ringer off – a VERY important skill for any cell phone user to know.

So, now when I or my hubby (usually my hubby) is out and about, we have a way to keep in contact!  It’s probably a good thing JJ just made the decision and did it, because if it were up to me, I’d continue to think of reasons to keep putting it off.

But I’m glad we have it, especially as it seems very possible that we may become a one car family again.  Have a cell phone will be helpful.

Whee!  Look at me!  I have a cell phone!

But, if you want to call me, you should continue to call me at home.  This cell phone is for emergency use only.  You know, emergencies, such as “Honey, can you please bring a pint of Ben & Jerry’s chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream home tonight for dessert?”

You understand.  REAL emergencies.  😉

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  1. Congrats on your phone! I can’t imagine not having one. I have some sort of panic attack if I even leave the house without mine!! No one calls our home phone except for my mil and telemarketers!

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