perpetual cold – of both kinds

While the majority of my cold of about a month ago has gone away, I continue to have a lingering issue with post-nasal drip.  It’s not a big deal, but it causes me to wake up with a mild to moderate sore throat every morning.  I’m hoping that it will eventually go away.  I know sooner or later it will, but I’m hoping for sooner.

Curious J has been unusually cranky lately.  She’s either been extremely happy and cheerful, or else cranky and practically inconsolable.  During her bad times, it’s been really difficult.  She also is more frequently failing to fall asleep during her afternoon nap times, and on those days her mood is even worse in the late afternoon.  I have no idea why this change in her napping routine should have happened SO suddenly.

Except, maybe I do.  I suspect it might have something to do with those pesky colds we had a month ago.

Saturday night around 9:30, I heard strange noises coming from upstairs.  I went up to check them out, and discovered J with a hacky, croupy cough and a face streaked with tears (and dripping in snot).  So, I brought out her nebulizer, dug her inhaled medicines out of the laundry room closet, cleaned up her face, and gave her a breathing treatment with both the bronchio-dilating medication and the steroid medication.  She slept fine the rest of the night.

However, since then, she’s re-developed her asthma-y cough.  I’m a bit disappointed, because she was doing so well for so long.  But, one cannot allow their child to have difficulty breathing, so I’ve begun doing breathing treatments with her once or twice a day.  However, like I said before, I suspect I know why this has happened:

Curious J and I have very similar consitutions (as do Lyd and my husband).  I suspect that, just like me, she has had the same post-nasal drip thing going on for the past few weeks.  I suspect that is what’s been causing her unusually-intense fussiness, and I suspect that is what has finally turned back into bronchiolitis.

So, whenever this bug/germ finally gets eradicated from her and my bodies, both of us will hopefully be back to our normal selves again.  I think that in this cold, damp, northern California winter, it’s extra hard for certain types of people (like J and I) to stay healthy, especially in a house like ours where the heater continues to have issues, only turning on when it feels like it.  I think that if we were snug in a warm, dry house, it would be different.

But, perpetually cold and damp we are, so the sniffles have a hard time going away completely.  It’s necessary and good to have the rainy season here, and everything is certainly green outside these days right now, there are daffodills and paper-whites blooming all over, trees are blooming too, and temperature-wise it’s only in the mid-50s, but it IS cold here.

I love so much about living in northern California, but I do not enjoy the perpetual cold.  Oh, well.  I’m sure we won’t live here forever.


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