Michael Buble has a snowy new blog in D.C.! Well, sort of.

So, you probably noticed that I changed my blog theme.  I’ve only had the last theme, for, oh, almost two years.  I’m still not sure I’m going to keep it (for another two years! ;)), but it’s got some unusual/unique features that are intruiging.  I’m going to try it for a while.  I think it’s interesting that only the most recent post is immediately up to be read, and I kind of like the way the blogs are arranged on the bottom of the home page.  We’ll see how long I stick with this theme.

While I was busy changing things up around here, I added a new page to the top: Natural Living.  I linked some natural living -related posts and reviews there.  Hopefully established readers as well as newcomers will find that interesting.

I also gave my Natural Childbirth page some much-needed editing and realized that (gasp!) I never finished Curious J’s birth story!!!  A friend mentioned that to me a while ago, but I had forgotten about it.  So, I’ve turned my mind back to that moment in my life, and I plan to get that written out in the next month.

Michael Buble’s new song “I Just Haven’t Met You Yet” is me and my girls’ current favorite song on the radio, and we happened to hear it together this afternoon while driving to gymnastics.  We call this song our “happy song,” and we all get big smiles as we listen and groove and attempt to sing along to the music – even little Curious J!  Now, it’s been in my head all evening.  You, too, can get this song stuck in your head by listening to the song and watching the energetic and fun video here on YouTube.  I highly recommend this song if you need a pick-me-up. 🙂

Tomorrow, my husband is supposed to fly to Washington D.C. for four days to be part of a worship consulting team for some WELS churches in that area.  Anyone who has heard a recent weather report from that part of the country will recognize the problem!  One of the fellow consultants has a relative in the area, and that relative apparently told him, “Don’t even think of coming out here!  The weather is HORRIBLE!”  Apparently the D.C. airport was shut down for most of the day today, and our 6pm local news did a whole story (complete with D.C. weather forecast!) about the situation there.  So, we’ll just have to see if this trip actually happens or not.

With the thought that JJ would be a gone, a friend and I concocted a scheme to spend the long weekend together, plus Lyd has the whole week of school off next week, so I definitely won’t be lonely without my man.  Now we just have to see if his trip actually happens or not!  I find it a bit ironic that of all the trips he’s had in the past six months, this is the only one for which I’ve had company planned while he’s gone, and now that’s the one that might not even happen!  Go figure.  Oh, well.  Everything works out for good in the end.  I’m sure he’ll have a good time if he goes, and if he stays home, that will be good, too.  I always like having my hubby around. 🙂

Edited the next morning to add: The trip to D.C. has been cancelled – I’ll have my hubby home for Valentine’s Day after all!

Edited even later to add: Due to these changes, my friend has decided to postpone her trip for a while.  And my hubby is now going to preach this Sunday (originally he had a substitute preacher lined up).  Oh, well.  Looks like it will just be an ordinary weekend after all.