a weepy, sappy mess

I tear up easily.  Commercials that are meant to bring a tear to the viewer’s eye never fail with me.  Stories about Haitian orphans in peril make me actually cry, although any story about children in crisis bring tears to my eyes.

I am also brought to tears by heart-warming stories.  As I waited to watch the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics tonight (they said the starting time was 7:30, but it didn’t actually start until 9:00!), they told lots of stories about athletes, about Canada, about Vancouver – and I ended up tearing up during all of these stories.  And, of course, once the Opening Ceremony began, the rememberance for the luger who was killed on a training run at the Olympics today brought a fresh round of tears.

Sometimes, it’s kind of funny actually.  JJ and I will have a deep conversation, and I will often end up with tears in my eyes from that.  Not from the conversation, mind you, but from the deepness of the communication.  I also get teary-eyed when my husband says something kind to me, words that are not only kind but also speak to my deepest hopes and fears, hopes and fears that I haven’t even put into words.  Those are good moments in our marriage.

Finally, fine use of symbolism and ceremony also cause my eyes to become wet.  Things like weddings, really cool worship services (like the ones at WELStock), graduation ceremonies, funerals, Olympic Opening Ceremonies (guess what I’m watching tonight?), and anything with pomp and circumstance affect me deeply.

And, how could I forget – meaning-full hymns also bring me to tears.  The new hymnal supplement has some doozies as far as tears go. 🙂

I really do tear up easily.  At times, it makes my husband smile and shake his head at me.  But I’m happy being who I am.


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  1. Glad I’m not the only one… prayers in church get me going to. I think I put a little too much into the phrase “put yourself in their shoes.” It’s worse now that I have kids, guess I can relate to things more.

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