fun times

After much changing of plans and switching back and forth, my friend KT and I finally got to see each other these past few days.  She braved the 8 hour drive up to my home, traveling on unfamiliar roads with a toddler in the backseat.  What a gal!  We had a great time together, and our respective two-year old daughters played well together.  Although, since they are two year olds, they also had their moments of wanting exactly what the other one had, too.  They both can make some impressive screams when they’re mad!  Oh, well.  Overall, they definitely had a good time together.

We got to do some fun things while they were here.  On Tuesday, KT and her daughter came to my music class and had a good time.  Later in the afternoon after naps, we took all three girls to a park in Redwood City that has an especially nice (and fenced-in!) young children’s area.  That was a hit.

On Wednesday, we took all three girls (Lyd doesn’t have school this week) and went to Curious J’s My First Art class.  Again, a good time was had by all, but especially by Lyd.  I took Lyd to that class for almost two years when she was little.  I never did preschool with her, but she went to art, gymnastics, and music class every week, and I always said that those activities constituted her “preschool experience.”  The same art teacher now teaches J’s class, and Lyd was happy to see her former art teacher again.  Lyd was also very happy to spend lots of time at the painting table.  She loved painting when she was small, and she still loves it now.

After art class, we went home, packed up as quickly as we could, and drove over the Big Hill to the ocean.  We ate lunch at Cameron’s Pub, a local English-style restaurant, and after lunch we went to the local state beach where we hung out on the sand for a while.  The waves were the highest I’d ever seen them; no wonder they called the Mavericks Surf Contest less than two weeks ago!  However, there was still plenty of beach to play on, and the girls had a great time digging in the sand and enjoying the fresh salt air.

We drove home the long, scenic way, which allowed the little girls a nap in the car.  Then it was home to take baths, take Lyd to her gymnastics class, and put some minestrone soup together for supper before Ash Wednesday service at 7pm.  KT and I decided to put the little girls to bed before church.  They were both SO tired, and they would only have been super-cranky during church.  It worked out well.

In the evenings after the girls were in bed, we watched the Olympics and played cards and talked and ate munchie-foods.  It was SO nice to have company, and J really enjoyed having a playmate her own age.

This morning, after KT and her daughter left for their long drive home, the girls and I got together with another mom and daughter from our church (the daugher and Lyd are classmates), and we went to the San Francisco Zoo.  The sun never came out in SF today, so it was a cool, gray day.  Curious J was on the tired and fussy side, but she did enjoy the animals, especially the monkeys.  After resting a bit once we got home, the girls and I made a concentrated effort to get the house picked up.  The girls had had a marvelous time over the past few days, and the multitudes of toys strewn around the toy room showed it.  To keep the girls from messing it up again (at least for the moment – I know tomorrow will be another day), I put on “The Sound of Music.”  We had delicious leftovers for supper (lasagna casserole) so I didn’t have to cook, and with JJ at a meeting, I made a final focused effort to get both of my girls to bed early.  I got them into bed by 7:30 – yay!  Now, the dishes are done, the Olympics are being recorded for the girls’ and my watching pleasure tomorrow, and I’m off to bed.  I’m fighting a cold, and I’m hoping that a good night’s sleep will work wonders on kicking this cold once and for all.

Here are a few pictures of our ocean trip.  Come out for a visit anytime!  🙂

The two year old girls at the beach.

Lyd searching for treasures on the sand.