sniffle, sniffle, achoo!

Apparently a day spent outside in the wet fog is not good for my immune system, especially when I’m a bit run-down to begin with.  Because I am sick!  A low fever, stuffed-up sinuses (accompanied by a sinus headache), body aches, and sneezing.  Lovely.

The only nice thing I’ve noticed is that Echinacea capsules and cold-fighting herbal teas seem to actually make a bit of a difference for me now, where they never did before.  My homeopathic remedy has stirred something up a bit, making herbal medicines work better than they used to.  I also talked to my homeopath today, and hopefully the remedy she prescribed me will help me get over this cold a little faster.

I definitely need more sleep.  I’m sure that comes as a complete shock to my regular readers.  I don’t know why I so resist going to bed at night!  When KT was here, I was impressed at how she pronounced herself too tired to stay up anymore, and she went to bed, even while she was waiting to see a certain athlete perform at the Olympics.  Wow!  While pondering my resistance to calling it a day, I remembered how I apparently had this same resistance to going to bed as a child; apparently whenever my parents had company over, I refused to go to bed until the company was gone.  🙂  I guess I haven’t changed much!

One of the things keeping me up these last few days is the Olympics, but I figured out a way to deal with that.  We don’t have a DVR or anything like that, but we can record DVDs on our new dual VCR/DVD machine that JJ bought about six months ago when our old VCR player bit the dust.  JJ says that recordable DVDs are cheap, so I recorded the Olympics last night and watched it today.  Very nice!  I’m doing the same thing tonight, and now I’m off to bed.  Not much resistance to going to bed tonight – I’m exhausted!


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