sisterly love

Like most people’s kids, my girls love each other, but can also annoy the heck out of each other.  However, this weekend I witnessed some unprovoked sisterly affection, and in my motherly pride, I feel compelled to share it:

We had gone grocery shopping late Saturday morning (while the Tylenol Cold capsule I had taken was still working, giving me temporary relief from my nasty cold), and as I unloaded groceries, Lyd asked if she could ride her bike.  I agreed with a bit of trepidation, knowing that if Curious J saw her big sister on her bike, she would want to get on her tricycle, and as she still hasn’t figured out the pedaling thing (“Push with your legs and feet!” I tell her.  Nope, she doesn’t get it.  Sigh.), I knew that J would be wailing for me to push her before long.  The Tylenol Cold medicine was beginning to wear off, I was super-tired, and I was NOT looking forward to bending over and pushing J on her trike around the driveway.

Sure enough, once J noticed Lyd cycling around, she headed straight to her trike, got on, and looked around for someone to push her.  I asked Lyd to at least push her out of the garage, which she did.  I kept unloading groceries, planning to ignore J’s wails once they began and instead focus on getting lunch on the table as fast as I could, when I happened to look out my kitchen window and see that…

Lyd was trying to teach J how to pedal her bike.  She was being patient, and she was giving her gentle pushes to help her along.  There’s a small incline at one spot, and Lyd, after realizing that J kept rolling backwards, took the time to gently push her up and over the hill.  When Lyd’s gentle pushing made J take a turn a little too fast and fall, Lyd was right there, comforting her and helping her get back on her bike.  There was no tantruming, no wailing, just a big sister helping her little sister, and the little sister patiently being helped.

It was SO perfect, JUST what a big sister should do for her little sister.  I was so proud of Lyd, so proud of J, and so delighted!  When the girls came in later for lunch, I made sure to praise Lyd in front of her father, telling him how much she had helped her little sister all on her own, and how proud I was of her.  Her father, of course, was very proud, too.

Of course, later in the toy room, Lyd got mad at her little sister for wanting to play with the same toy SHE was playing with (Imagine that!), but it’s good to see evidence that she really does love her sister.

Last night on the Olympics, NBC told the story of Cindy Klassen, a female speed skater from Canada.  Klassen won three medals in the 2006 Olympics.  When Klassen’s sister was severly injured in a car crash in 2008, the skater discontinued all her training to be at her sister’s side during her recovery.  She ended up not training for a year.  She is still competing in the current 2010 Olympics, but she has yet to win a medal.  She didn’t even medal in the 1500m race, the event in which she won gold four years ago.  Yet, the TV cameras showed that her sister was there in the stands last night, cheering her on.

THAT is the kind of love I wish for my daughters to share.  I think we’re on the right path.


(And last night, Lyd fell asleep while J was belting out her ABC’s.  I finally went up to quiet J down, and Lyd was sound asleep.  She still doesn’t mind J making noise at bedtime.  Amazing.)