everything happens in threes, so now nothing else is allowed to break!

Remember this post?  Well, it seems that 2 out of 3 of those problems are now fixed.

Last week, a man from church turned out to have a hidden talent for plumbing.  When he heard that our toilet needed rebuilding, he said, “I think I can do that.”  Really???   And, he did!  He spent most of the day at our house, took the tank of the toilet completely off, did whatever he had to do to rebuild it, and now it works!  When the toilet is flushed, the water runs and the tank fills up — and then it stops running, just like it’s supposed to!  He graciously didn’t charge the church anything for his time, and he bought the parts himself.  Yay!  Way to save the church $500+!

In other good news, this afternoon a brand new furnace was installed in our house.  Thanks to two different heating guys who looked at our furnace, we learned that not only was our old furnace an extremely cheap model, too big for our house, and not installed according to code, it had been recalled back in 2003 because it had a habit of starting on fire!!!  Oh, my.  Once the first guy looked it over and “jiggled” it a bit, it worked a little more predictably, but there were still many mornings when it most certainly did NOT turn on at 7:30 like it was supposed to.

A different man from church knew a guy who was a reputable furnace installer, and as a favor to his friend, he would do it for half the cost of the first guy.  So, that guy came out today and spent six hours working in the small crawl space above our garage where the heater sits.  It’s installed now, and so far, it seems to work just fine.  We’re looking forward to waking up tomorrow morning to warm bedrooms.

But, sadly, our poor Saturn is still parked in our carport, quite unusable.  A still different man from church, who helps maintain United airplanes at SFO, is going to take a look at it in the next few weeks and possibly change a head gasket (or something like that), but we are not expecting big improvements from the car.  However, if we could drive it around a little bit, we’d certainly appreciate it.  However, this car has other problems, too, including the fact that neither the rear lights nor the dashboard lights turn on when the headlights are on.  Those two are probably connected, but we hear it would be a pain (= $$$) to find out which wire is causing the problem.  The car isn’t worth much anymore, at least according to the Kelly Blue Book, so we’re probably going to just let that car go.

But, our 2004 Honda Odyssey is working well, and we love it, so we have a reliable vehicle.  And it comforting to finally have a heater that doesn’t run a risk of starting on fire and burning our house down, and even though we had two other toilets that work, it’s nice to have our guest room toilet working properly.

Our house is ready!  Come out and visit!  Besides, you never know when JJ might get a Call … 😉