another one bites the dust

I made the decision to keep my Kindergarten daughter home from school today.  She was decidedly NOT amused.  There were copious tears.

My mommy-instinct turned out to be right when, upon being given a mid-morning snack, the snack ended up coming right back up again.  Fever soon set in, along with a general sense of miserableness.  It didn’t take too long for Lyd to willingly admit, “I’m glad to be at home today.”  And for a girl who LOVES to be with her friends at school (I suspect that the punishment that will hit her where it hurts when she gets older is to take away her phone priviledges!), that’s a pretty big admission of illness.

But, even though she’s sick, she’s still a sweetheart.  This afternoon, as I sat next to her on the bathroom floor as she threw up, she said to me, “Thank you so much for taking care of me, Momma.”  Awww.  She brought tears to my eyes.  She said the same thing this evening, as she laid on the couch watching the Olympics with crackers and Pedialyte and kleenex and a bucket next to her.  I’m glad she is feeling well taken of.

Being the prone-to-tears mom that I am, I also got teary-eyed when, in the minutes before Lyd finally threw up as we were hanging out on the bathroom floor, waiting for the magical moment to arrive, Curious J toddled into the bathroom, saw Lyd with her head hanging over the toilet bowl, and little J put HER head over the toilet bowl, too, wanting to be just like her big sister.  Oh, my.  Later, as she saw Lyd lying on the bathroom floor, she knew something was wrong.  I told J that she could give Lyd a kiss on her hair.  So, J walked over, squatted down, gave Lyd a kiss on her head, and stroked her gently a little bit.  What a sweet sister!

Except for JJ, we all have taken our turns at being sick lately.  While the symptoms of Lyd’s illness are very different from from what Curious J and I had, I’m hoping that Lyd’s got the same bug.  She so rarely gets sick (she and JJ share a super-strong constitution), but when she does, she often seems to get tummy troubles with it.  However, I’m realistic enough to suspect that she might be sharing a new germ with our family.  I sincerely hope that’s not what is happening!

Since she’s had a fever today, I’ve already made the decision that she’ll be staying home from school tomorrow.  It’s sad, because it’s her best friend’s birthday tomorrow, and I hate to have her miss school.  But, she needs to get healthy.  Luckily, with us living so close, I promised Lyd that if she’s doing better tomorrow, she can go down at lunchtime and be part of the birthday treat celebration for her dear friend.

But it will be SO nice to have a morning tomorrow where NO ONE has to get up for anything!  Monday through Friday, we have to get up for school, Saturday I have to get up to teach a music class, and Sunday we have to get up for church.  There is never a morning off, never a morning to sleep in, never a morning to have a big, leisurely breakfast in your pajamas.  So, we are looking forward to a relaxing morning tomorrow!