the plague claims another victim

So, now the upchucking plague has struck Curious J.  Not fun.  JJ and I are wondering if we will be next.  Fingers crossed that we’re not.

Take note: Fels-Naptha soap is awesome for cleaning out bodily fluid stains.

My laundry is all done.  No wonder; who wants to live with that stench in the house?  In fact, I had enough soiled items to run a load at 4:30 a.m. this morning.  When I got up for round 3 (or 4?) of the nighttime vomiting, I was able to throw the load into the dryer at 5:30!  It was completely done when we got up.  Nice.

I’m actually quite fearful that I and/or JJ will also catch this Stomach Flu Plague.  But, I consoled myself tonight that even if I am taken down, I have my laundry done, a sub teacher lined up for tomorrow morning if needed, and a freezer stocked with chicken broth and a few other containers of soup.  So, que sera, sera.

But I’m hoping we get better soon.  This is going on two weeks of someone in this house being substantially ill.  The fun has completely gone out of this plague.  Plus, I’m almost out of tissues for blowing noses, and my Echinacea is running dangerously low.  At least the Olympics are over, and I now have no reason to stay up at night.

(Except for Thursday night, when I MUST watch “The Office.”  Jim and Pam’s baby is arriving!  Can’t miss that!  Fun, fun.)