my Hahnemann’s Reaction

Almost two weeks ago, I took another dose of my homeopathic constitutional remedy, Carcinosin.  I’d been quite sick the previous month, and it seems that when you have a bad cold and your immune system is given a good workout, it often helps with the final leg of the cold to take your constitutional remedy again.  Plus, I had antidoted my constitutional remedy by taking other remedies during my cold to help cure it.  I think those other remedies helped to keep my cold from turning into something more serious, something for which I would have had to see my “regular” doctor and gotten some sort of prescription.  However, taking those other remedies meant that I cancelled out my constitutional remedy.

So, in the wee small hours of Monday, March 1, as JJ and I were up for the third or fourth time dealing with Curious J’s recurrent vomiting Plague, I had the presence of mind to think, “I haven’t eaten or drunk anything in a while, and I’m heading right back to bed.  So, now would be a good time to take my constitutional remedy. ”  So, I took it, and in the Plague-filled days that followed, I didn’t think much more about it.

However, the following weekend, despite being tired after nursing others (and myself!) through the Plague, I found myself getting more and more jittery and anxious.  In fact, Friday night into Saturday morning, I barely slept at all.  I dozed off and on all night, took all the herbal/homeopathic sleep remedies I could find, but nothing worked to send me to Dreamland.  I finally fell asleep around 5:30, only to have to get up around 7:30 to get ready to teach my music class.  (Yet, I was surprisingly awake and class went quite well.  Guess those jitters were good for something!)  I couldn’t figure out what had caused my problem until I remembered that, oh yeah, I had taken my constitutional remedy a few days ago!  I was probably having a Hahnemann’s Reaction, which is what it’s called when a constitutional remedy aggravates symptoms before making the person feel radically improved.  It’s a VERY good sign, and when it happens, it means that the particular remedy is a very good match for the person taking it, and it will do a lot of healing inside the person.

And it has.  The jitteriness, as well as the morning and suppertime anxiety, has steadily decreased all week.  In fact today (Friday), I haven’t noticed anything at all.  I feel like I have a more positive outlook on life.  I have more ambition to do projects, even though I’m still low on the energy.  But, JJ and I have been making more of an effort than we have in probably years to get to bed earlier at night, so that will pay off in the long run.  I know I need to exercise more, but my friend and I managed to get a good walk in this morning before the rain started (it’s been pouring ever since about half an hour after we got home around 9:30, and it’s now 3:30), and the seven-day forecast is nothing but sunshine and good weather after today.  With more sleep and more exercise and my good remedy helping me from the inside out (and all the Plague/crud finally gone from our house!), I’m looking forward to feeling better for quite some time. 🙂

Today, first thing this morning, I gave Curious J her own dose of the same constitutional remedy.  (J’s body and mine seem to work along much the same lines, so whatever has worked for me my homeopath also recommends that I give to her.)  She was sick and on medication, too, over the past month, and plus with her rapidly growing and changing body, she needs more frequent constitutional remedy doses than an adult does.  She’s been super-cranky in the mornings and around suppertime lately, which is exactly when I’m at my worst when I’m off my remedy, and she’s been just more tantrum-y in general than she was before she got sick.  Hopefully this remedy will return her to her usual cheerful, bubbly self, too.  As she has had a Hahnemann’s Reaction before, too, I’ll be on the lookout for behavior changes in her over the next few days.  But, if it DOES happen, at least I know it means that the remedy is working.


One more note on these Hahnemann’s Reactions: As much as these are not fun to go through (remember my first Hahnemann’s Reaction last fall?), they reassure me that homeopathy isn’t just snake oil medicine.  For all the times I shout “Homeopathy is awesome!” there are plenty of other moments where I think I’m just wasting my time.  For all that I question modern medicine, it’s paradigm of Prescription Drugs Cure All is strongly entrenched in me.  But, when you can actually feel the remedy doing something in your body, when you have inexplicable symptoms that make no sense except via a homeopathic explanation, and, most importantly, when you see amazing results in yourself, then it helps renew your faith in homeopathy.  I have no real reason to have been so jittery and anxious last weekend; any stresses that were in my life were in there before last weekend, too.  And I have no reason why I should be feeling so much better; nothing in my life has really changed, except for getting a little more sleep (although still not enough!)  There’s really no other explanation that I can come up to describe all of this except — that homeopathic constitutional remedy must truly be having an effect on my body.

I’m so thankful. 🙂