settling down

Aahhh.  Life has finally seemed to settle down in our household.

We are all over our illnesses.  JJ is done traveling for a while.  (There might be a trip in April, but nothing is finalized yet.)  JJ’s busiest week of Lent is over, and he’s already more prepared than usual for Holy Week.  I finished my Winter Session of teaching this past Saturday, so now I have a few weeks off before the Spring Session begins.  Lyd’s in a good school groove.  Curious J’s tantrums seem to be a little less frequent and less intense these days.  Her talking is getting better and better too, so I’m understanding more of what she’s trying to tell me.  We’re definitely not tantrum-free at our house, but I’m seeing improvement, and that’s nice.

JJ and I have been getting more sleep this past week.  Being so sick made JJ and I make another concerted effort to get to bed earlier, and most nights we were pretty successful.  At first I had a very hard time falling asleep, but as the week has gone it’s been getting easier and easier.  Perhaps that’s my homeopathic constitutional remedy working its magic, but I also think that once a body is used to going to sleep late, it takes a certain amount of training to get used to sleeping earlier.  Of course, now that Daylight Savings Time has begun, I’ll have to get my body used to going to bed even earlier, but hopefully it will all be better by the end of this week.  I’m still not bouncing out of bed easily in the morning, but I can tell it is getting better.

Now that life is settling down, I have begun to more actively research getting my post-partum doula training.  It was on my list of Things To Do in 2010, and I’d like to make an effort to start on it.  It’s kind of exciting to think about!  I do love all things related to chidlbirth, and I have so many childbirth-related books on my bookshelf, that I might as well put the information in them to good use.  I’ll let you know what happens…