a lovely time of year

We have had marvelous weather on the San Francisco Peninsula this week.  Every day has been sunny with a gentle breeze, and temperatures in the low to mid 70s.  It’s been glorious. 🙂  When JJ and I went up to the de Young Museum in the City yesterday (to finally see the King Tut exhibit), we also went up the tower at the de Young (see a picture here) and saw a panoramic view of the western half of San Francisco.  It was just gorgeous.  We live in such a beautiful corner of the world!

Here's a picture JJ took of me with a vista of San Francisco behind me.

This lovely weather has woken nature up around here.  Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping madly, thistles are growing like weeds (wait, they are weeds!), and — lizards are beginning to roam around again.  Yuk!  I almost stepped on a lizard twice yesterday.  One 4 inch black one was sunning itself on the sidewalk right outside the door to the church fellowship hall, and the other was a 6 inch skink/alligator lizard, that was sunning itself a few feet outside my back door.  Eek!  You may remember that I am not a fan of lizards.  But, that’s life on the Peninsula.  It’s (almost!) worth the price of lizards to have this lovely sunshine.

Today, while on a walk out to the mailbox with little Jujubee (who is now sporting some of her big sister’s 3T clothes – Gah!  My baby is growing so fast!!)(and while closely watching our steps for lizards), we stopped and visited my container garden from last year.  I refuse to plant anything new until after Easter, and I have to concoct a way to redo my main garden area so that it’s not sitting directly on the concrete, as that killed off the vast majority of my plants last year.  But, much to my surprise, there was some life in my garden.  Two pea vines survived the winter, and are blooming and bearing gloriously.  I picked two fat pods off the plant, and Jujubee and I ate the peas on the spot.  Plus, my onions that I had planted in a large flower pot, had pulled out in fall last year but left sitting on top of the dirt, those plants re-rooted themselves, stayed alive over the winter, and one of the onions has a big head of seeds now!  Very cool. 🙂

I’m starting to get the itch to weed out my flowers outside, plant new flowers, and generally work outside more.  I’m looking forward to that.  Hopefully my garden will be a little better than last year, too.

I don’t know if it’s all the New Beginnings, New Life showing up around here these days, but I finally, at long last, am in the process of finishing off Jujubee’s birth story.  There are two parts to go, and I wrote one last night.  The other part is on my mind and will be written soon, too.  (Sara, you’re welcome. :)) Watch for the first of the two parts to go up this weekend, and the second will come shortly thereafter.

Spring – what a lovely time of year!