thoughts on the passage of Obamacare

Well, it happened.  The House of Representatives passed Obamacare.  The door has been opened for nationalized healthcare.  It’s a sad, sad day for this country.  And, I’m scared about the future and the future of my children and grandchildren.

I’m scared that the quality of our health care will go drastically down.  I’m scared that the USA will become a giant welfare state, where we all are reliant on the government.  I’m scared of having to face DMV-like lines and DMV-like employees when, God forbid, my child is deathly sick.  And I’m scared that some nameless, faceless person somehwere will decide that my or my child’s health care problem isn’t worth the money to fix.  My husband (who is practically having a conniption fit over all of this) said that this will be the first generation in America that will have it worse off than their parents did.  Sigh.  That’s certainly not what I want for my kids.

At the same time, I know that being a Christian always involves bearing a cross and having difficulties.  We bear crosses because of our faith, and we have difficulties because we live in a world that is utterly infested with sin, and utterly wretched due to sin’s effects.  Yet Christianity has often flourished under lousy governments, and peaceful/easy times can often cause people to lose their Christianity and start focusing on themselves instead, which many people believe is what’s happening in America right now.  There are many people today that thing that American is heading towards an era of “Christless Christianity,” where Christ is not a Savior from sin (because the word sin isn’t used, and right and wrong are purely subjective), but Christianity becomes a bunch of good advice for having a nice life on earth (think Joel Osteen’s book “Your Best Life Now.”)  The focus is entirely on life here and now, and there’s no mention of sin or wrongdoing or guilt before a holy God.  Since there’s no mention of sin, then there’s no need of a Savior, either.  The focus of Christianity becomes entirely focused on life in this world.

Now, I most certainly want to be comfortable in my life here on this earth. But, that’s probably not wise.  I shouldn’t get too comfortable here, because this isn’t my real home.  So, in light of this distressing news out of Washington D.C., I’m trying to turn my focus to spiritual issues, knowing that governments rise and fall, yet God is still in control.  Someday the heavens and the earth will pass away, but God and heaven are eternal.  It’s not about our life here now; instead it’s about our life forever in heaven.

Don’t think I’m all okay with this, however. I’ll need to remind myself OFTEN of these thoughts in the days and weeks (and, probably, years) to come.

Meanwhile, I’ve had the song “I’m but a stranger here, Heaven is my home,” in my head this evening.  It’s helping to calm my nerves and keep my focus in the right place.


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  1. I’m mostly scared for my parents – they are probably the ones who will get hit first and worst. When the time comes for intervention I, too, am scared that Someone Else will decide that my parent’s health problem is not worth fixing. Darwinism at it’s finest…

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