two different girls

Today was one of those days where the personality differences between my two daughters was radically evident.  For example:

Lyd: Does NOT want to help me out around the house.  Pouts when asked.
Jujubee: LOVES to help me around the house.  Wants to do as much as she can.

L: Does NOT want to come home from school or play with her sister (some days, at least)
J: Knows when it’s time for her big sister to come home from school, and starts wandering around saying, “Weh-dee-ahhh!  Weh ah yooo?”

L: Has to be told more than once to pick toys up.
J: Eagerly puts toys away, as long as she knows where they go.

L: Wants to lie in bed in the morning and not get up.
J: Calls to me from her crib, asking to get up.

L: Does not want to go to sleep alone in a room.
J: Can easily go to sleep alone in a room.

L: Pokes at her food, and has to be reminded to keep on eating (even when she likes the food).
J: When the food is placed in front of her, she focuses on eating and keeps going until she’s done.

L: Loves beets.  Hates applesauce.  Loves sliced apples.
J: Loves beets.  Loves applesauce.  Loves sliced apples.

L: When unhappy, she pouts, and takes a while to get back to normal.
J: When unhappy, she tantrums, and recovers her cheerfullness quickly.

L: Loves to cuddle.
J: Doesn’t particularly like to cuddle, except when she’s hurt/sad.

L: Needs lots of sleep (like her mother), but has more of her Daddy’s temperament and physical constitution.
J: Doesn’t need as much sleep (like her father), but has more of her Momma’s temperament and physical constitution.

Luckily, these two girls, different as they are, adore each other!  I hope these two sisters are always best friends.


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