potty training a two and a half year old

I’m starting to think about beginning to potty train Jujubee.  She’s two and a half now, and it seems the time has come to start thinking of those things.

When my friend KT visited about a month ago with her similarly-aged daughter, I brought out our toilet ring (the ring that sits on a regular toilet but makes the seat smaller so that little heinies don’t fall in).  Well, Jujubee thought this was just the coolest thing, and ever since KT’s visit, J loves to sit on that toilet ring on the potty.  She even clambers up onto the toilet all by herself, which really impresses me.  Once in a while, she even pees a bit on the toilet.  She seems to know that that is the purpose of the toilet, because she gets very excited whenever she pees, and she claps her hands and congratulates herself.  She also loves to watch me pee, peering between my legs as I do my business, and when I finish she claps her hands and enthusiastically congratulates me, saying, “Good job, Momma!”  It’s been a long time since I had that kind of praise for peeing on the toilet.  🙂

So, I think we’re just about ready.  The readiness was confirmed a little more today when J and I got home from a morning appointment and she told me, “I have poopies.”  I checked her diaper, and found that it was only wet.  So I asked J, “Do you want to sit on the potty seat?”  She most certainly did!  I got her situated on the seat, and I sat down on the floor nearby.  We sat there for a few minutes, and then J made a funny look.  I didn’t think too much of it, but soon after I noticed a certain smell.  I took a peek inside the toilet bowl, and behold!  Poop!

“Yay, Jujubee!” I said to her enthusiastically while clapping my hands.  “You made poopies on the potty!”  J quietly stared into the toilet with interest, probably wondering what in the world she was looking at.  So I told her, “Those are Jujubee’s poopies!  You made poopies in the potty!  Yay!”  All of a sudden, J’s face broke into a big smile, and she pointed at the toilet and said, “Jujubee made poopies on the potty!  Yay Jujubee!”  We clapped our hands and inspected the final product and then cheered a little more and inspected again.  After a few wipes to her cute baby butt to finish the job, she was very excited to flush the toilet all by herself.  🙂

This morning’s experience was so nice because I don’t think either of us were expecting it.  It was a very pressure-free situation, and after my difficult experience helping her older sister to learn to poop on the potty, I wanted to keep this as pressure-free and stress-free as possible.  I’m so glad it just … happened!  I wonder if J will start asking to poop on the potty now.  It will be interesting to see if she sort of “trains” herself after this.

I wasn’t planning on actually potty-training her until closer to the summertime, when there are less clothes involved.  Philosophically, I am a late potty trainer.  When Lyd was young, I was advised by a woman in our church who had run a daycare all her life to wait until my child was at least three to begin potty training.  She assured me it was much easier on everyone and much faster when the child was older.  So, slacker mom that I am, I totally agreed.  And that lady was right.  I didn’t start training Lyd until she was about 3.25 years old, but once Lyd figured out what she had to do, it went very quickly, at least the peeing part.  Lyd was staying dry through the night in panties long before she started pooping on the toilet.

I know that if Jujubee DOES potty train more or less on her own, there will still be work for me involved.  She can’t get her clothes off and on by herself, although if she’s wearing panties, it might be a little easier since panties are less bulky than diapers.  But, if I keep her in diapers, I have to take her clothes off and on, too, so in the end that probably wouldn’t matter.  I know that I do NOT want to deal with a lot of accidents.  When I potty train the kid, I want it to be done.  Thankfully, that’s what happened with Lyd, probably because I waited so long.  I can count on one hand then number of pee accidents she’s had in her lifetime, and almost all of those accidents happened because she was so busy playing that she forgot to go until it was too late.  I would rather continue with diapers than worry about whether my kid will have an accident.

Jujubee’s a smart kid.  She always has been.  I think that if she can figure out how her body feels when she needs to go to the bathroom, I think she’ll catch on really quickly.  And I think she wants to learn.  I think she’s ready!

[slight sob] My baby is growing up!


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  1. Has she cheered and clapped for you in a public bathroom yet? Those are some fun looks to get when coming out of the stall! 😉

    Congrats to you both on the potty-training beginning. 🙂

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