thank God for laughter

Sometimes there is so much to worry about in the world.  Political systems are crumbling, money is tight, the future is uncertain, people are uninformed, thoughtless, selfish, and even cruel.  There is poverty, danger, and natural disasters.  There are so many problems that seem unsolvable.

But then your children make you smile.  They make you laugh.  And not just chuckle, but actually hold your sides in laughter.

Tonight at supper, my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed and laughed along with our children.  Together with a friend of Lyd’s who is sleeping overnight, the five of us laughed and laughed till we ached.  We sang silly songs, made up verses for t hose songs, and had a marvelous time.  I made a special dessert, and everyone proclaimed it the best thing they had ever had.  (It was just a simple Lazy Daisy Cake, but it was a hit!)  Despite all our worries, it was such a pleasure to witness the innocence and sheer joy that our children are finding in their childhoods.  Our girls are so happy, and that makes my husband and I happy, too.

Life is tough.  Life is uncertain.  But we thank God for the promise of a perfect home in heaven.  And we thank God for love and laughter here on earth.  As I said to my husband tonight, “Thank God for our kids who make us laugh!”


Or, in other words…

Happiness Makes Up in Height for What It Lacks in Length

by Robert Frost

(from Collected Poems)

Oh, stormy stormy world,
The days you were not swirled
Around with mist and cloud,
Or wrapped as in a shroud,
And the sun’s brilliant ball
Was not in part or all
Obscured from mortal view—
Were days so very few
I can but wonder whence
I get the lasting sense
Of so much warmth and light.
If my mistrust is right
It may be altogether
From one day’s perfect weather,
When starting clear at dawn,
The day swept clearly on
To finish clear at eve.
I verily believe
My fair impression may
Be all from that one day
No shadow crossed but ours
As through its blazing flowers
We went from house to wood
For change of solitude.

Thanks to The Writer’s Almanac for sharing this poem and for reminding readers that it was Robert Frost’s birthday today.  He was born right here in San Francisco in 1874.