beautiful inside and out

My darling Lyd continues to grow up.  She lost her first front top tooth last weekend, so now she has an adorable hole in her smile.  The other front top tooth is loose, too, and now that one is gone, I’m sure the other one will get loose more quickly.  She looks so different to me, and I have to remember not to stare at the hole in her smile.

She’s also continuing to improve at being helpful around the house.  It’s not coming quickly or easily, but it does come.  Last Sunday morning, as she was wearing a new dress for Palm Sunday (she sang with her schoolmates in church), with her hair curled from sleeping in rollers, and looking taller than ever, I was struck by how grown-up she is looking.  I was even more delighted when I asked her to help and she willingly did, even finding extra simple tasks to do that I hadn’t specifically asked her to do.  After she was finished, I gave her a big hug and told that I loved to see how beautiful she was on the outside.  But even more, I loved I see how beautiful she was on the inside.

We hugged warmly, and Lyd proclaimed me “the best momma in the whole wide world.”  She says this to me frequently, and I always respond, “And you’re the best six year old girl in the whole wide world.”  🙂

I hope we can always be as close as we are right now.