fun with puddles

Both yesterday (Sunday) and today, it has been raining off and on, sometimes downpouring, other times lightly drizzing, at times even stopping for a bit.  Once in a while, the sun even breaks out of the clouds for a moment, but it’s soon followed by another downpour.  Both JJ and I were awakened last night by a huge downpour that lasted a good ten minutes.  Last evening as Lyd and I took a quick trip to the store to get pizza for supper, we even got hailed for a bit (very small size hail, don’t worry).

When Lyd and I got home from the store, the storm was taking a break.  Lyd asked if she could play outside for a bit, and since she was in her rain boots, rain coat, and her pink kitty umbrella, I agreed.  Of course, once Jujubee discovered what was going on she HAD to join in, and she also had was wearing her rain boogs, rain coat, and her green frog umbrella.  (The pink umbrella I bought about two years ago.  The green umbrella was sitting in the lost and found where I teach for a year.  One rainy day when J was with me, it came home with us.  It’s not in mint condition, but J loves it!)

I wanted some pictures of the occasion, so I tried out our new digital camera for the first time.  (We had a Kodak EasyShare camera previously.  Word to the wise: Don’t buy the Kodak EasyShare camera.  There’s a reason it’s inexpensive.  You have to use the Kodak software, which is a pain and NOT “Easy,” plus the camera never downloaded all the pictures.  It would randomly choose some, but not all!  Grr!  So, we have a new one, a Casio, I believe, and so far, it’s a lot better.)

Here are my girls playing outside:

The girls are splashing in the little lake that always forms outside our back door when it rains.

More playing in the puddle. Those are big aloe plants, jade plants, and lavender bushes behind them on the hill, along with some extremely tall pine trees.

The girls and their umbrellas. Yes, L's pants are in the water. Sigh.

All three of us girls and our boots in a puddle, including me wearing my own pair of rain boots. Right now I don't have a pair of snow boots, but I do have rain boots!

When it was time to eat, I called the girls in — cold and wet.  Both girls had splashed so much that JJ and I could actually pour water out of their boots once we managed to get them off their feet.  Their socks were soaked, their pants were soaked, but — they loved it!  Jujubee kept asking to go back outside. 🙂

Even today, when both sets of their boots are finally dry after having been carefully propped up over heating vents all day, Jujubee is STILL asking to go outside and play in the rain again.  I guess they had a good time. 🙂

(Although when JJ saw the girls come into the back door’s laundry room soaked and wet last night, he said, “This is the difference between your family and mine.  My family would never allow kids to get this dirty!”  But, the girls loved it, so I guess they must take after my family. ;))


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  1. My Lil Granola “discovered” mud today. I guess it was bound to happen! Thankfully, I had put on her oldest/worst clothes before going outside. 😉

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