guest post on “worship”

I’m so excited!  I got (sort of) published!

I commented on a blog called A Life in Need of Change earlier this week regarding this post.  The blog’s author, Brooke, liked my comment so much that she asked me to re-write my thoughts in the form of a guest post for her blog.  Wow!  I had never been asked to guest post for a blogger before, and I felt honored.

Of course, I have NO THOUGHTS on worship.  I mean, it’s not like I’m married to a guy with a degree in worship or anything like that. 😉

It was a fun and exciting challenge, and it got me thinking about a goal that I’ve had for a while, which is to write some magazine articles based on religious-themed blog posts that I have written.  I enjoyed having to write within certain parameters, and it was good for me to have a reason not to ramble on and on.  Not that I ever do that, of course…

So, go read my post, and tell me what you think!