the religious musings of a six year old

Lyd has been asking a lot of questions about God and heaven lately.  She’s looking at things in very black and white way, which seems normal for a six and a half year old girl.  One of her favorite question themes is to ask me what my “favorite” is in a certain category.  Favorite categories include things like Favorite Thing to Do, Favorite Place to Go, or Favorite Person, as in: “Who’s your favorite person, Momma?”  I think for a bit, but before I can speak she breaks in and says, “I know who your favorite person is – it’s GOD!”  Well, yes, sweetie.  From a certain perspective, you’re right.

(MY favorite was earlier this week when she followed up this question with another question, asked with a big, impish grin on her face : “Momma, guess who I love more – you or God?”  Hmm, Lyd.  Let me think… ;))

Lyd also has been asking me awkward questions, like if a certain person is a Christian.  Usually the person in question doesn’t quite fit Lyd’s standard definition of a Christian: perhaps they come to our church but aren’t a member, or perhaps they attend a different church altogether (“Momma, what’s Episcopalain?” she asked me this evening), or perhaps she simply doesn’t know about a person’s religious status.  Her questions have often made me struggle to come up with answers that are enough to satisfy her black and white way of thinking without creating even more complicated questions for me to answer.

Lyd also talks a lot about heaven.  “It will be wonderful to be in heaven where the day will never end,” she might say.  Or, today it was, “What a perfect day it is today!  But there’s still sin in the world, so it’s not really perfect.  But in heaven things will be perfect!”  She thinks about heaven a lot, and wants to get there as soon as possible, if for no other reason than that she won’t have to go to bed at night anymore, and the good times will never end.  She gets pretty sad when a good time ends.

I think about heaven a lot, too.  I think about the people I know who are waiting for me there.  I think about how all the troubles and problems and imperfections and doubts will all be non-existent in heaven.  Like my daughter, I would like to get there as soon as possible, too.  And, also like my daughter, it’s not particularly because my life is so bad here, because I’ve been very blessed.  It’s just that life will be SO good there!

Deeper thoughts on this topic coming tomorrow…


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