an unfair life

I’m in a pretty good season of my life right now.  My children are young and happy and exuberant, and our little family is filled with love.  Our family’s dinner table conversations are lively and funny.  My husband and I, for all that he is still very busy, are in a good place and get along well together.  We don’t have any big health problems, and we both have steady paychecks.  We have a big house in which everything works, a car that runs, and a beautiful corner of the world to live in.  We are very blessed.

There are people whom I love dearly who are having tough times right now.  There isn’t much I can do to help, except continue to pray.  I can’t fix the situation, and the advice that I (probably too freely love to) offer isn’t necessarily good advice or even helpful to give.  And, honestly, I feel guilty because I have it so easy, so easy that I can just get into the comfortable little rut that is my life and forget about how difficult others have it.  I don’t feel like I’ve done a whole lot to deserve the peaceful life I have, but neither do I feel like those I love have done anything to deserve the difficult life they have.  I feel somewhat guilty about it, but I don’t think that’s necessarily the right response either.

I hope that I will be ready and willing to help if/when an opportunity comes up.  That’s what I want to be ready to do.  I suspect that such a day, perhaps many days, will come in the future.  In preparation for that day, I’m trying to keep a handle on my life now, so that if something comes up, I’d be ready to drop everything and help.

It’s often difficult for me to trust that God knows what he’s doing when he doesn’t fix problems the way I would like to see them fixed.  I know that being a Christian isn’t about having a great life here on earth – it’s about successfully making it to heaven.  Here on earth, God’s people are simply called to be faithful, no matter the circumstances.

That said, I wish some people I loved were able to have an easier time of it here on earth.  But, I have to trust that God has not forgotten them and that he’s doing what is best.


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  1. Well, Christians all have a pretty unfair life! Jesus took our guilt and sin and punishment, and we get to call his perfect life our own. I know you already know this, but sometimes it helps whatever negative or uneasy feelings I have to be reminded of that truth. So I just wanted to share 🙂

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