six and a half years old

With all the excitement regarding my husband’s new Call last week, I completely missed a minorly-momentous milestone in our family — Lyd’s half-birthday!

This might not sound important, but I make it a point to always remember birthdays and half-birthdays in my family, ESPECIALLY those of my children.  Yet, when the Day came through last week, I am ashamed to admit that it never once crossed my mind until a number of days later, when my heart rate had finally started to get back to normal.

So, my sweet Lyd-Lyd is now six and a half years old.  For a little girl who wants to stay six years old forever, this is a problem!  😉

I thought that the growing would slow down a little bit once she hit five years old, and in some ways it has, but in other ways it’s really taking off.  She is eating more than she used to, and she contiues to be the tallest kid in Kindergarten — and first grade.  Her mind is also growing at an amazing rate.  She is asking deeper questions all the time, although she still sees the world in a mostly black and white way.

We have had a bit of milestone the past few weeks.  She is now in my Saturday morning Kids Sing 3 class.  This is momentous because she has never wanted to be in a class of mine where she didn’t know any of the other children.  However, she’s in it and seems to like it.  It IS a pretty fun class; we do easy variations on square dances, and all the kids are enjoying learning these specific actions.

In other interesting aspects of my daughter, for the past few months, every night when I put her to bed, she asks if she can sleep with me.  Now, JJ’s not been gone on a trip since January, and when he’s gone is when I let Lyd have the fun of bunking down with me.  However, she asks literally every night if she can sleep with me.  I always kindly say, “No,” but she keeps on asking.  I’m not sure what to make of it, except to think that she feels very safe with me.  I know that she regularly says to me, “I don’t want to ever lose you, Momma.  And I don’t want to be lost.”  Those kind of security issues are very important to her.  She’s not scared, but she likes to know that she’s secure in my love for her.

She identifies with me very strongly right now.  She loves her father, to be sure, but she identifies with me.  On her best days, she will copy what I’m doing and then say, “Momma, I want to be JUST like you!”  That’s always a bit sobering for me.  She definitely IS watching me all the time.

She and her little sister continue to develop a good relationship.  It’s not always easy, but I see progress all the time.  Jujubee can be a stinker, and Lyd often feels the unfairness of her little sister’s actions.  But when they find the right balance and are able to play well together, it’s a joy to watch Lyd mentor and guide and lead her little sister, and of course, Jujubee just drinks it all in eagerly.

I love my six and a half year old!  She continues to be such an amazing blessing to our whole family, and we can’t imagine life without her. 🙂