falling asleep in my daughter’s arms

Yes, you read that right.  😉

Over the last month or so, I’ve been teaching Jujubee to sleep in a big-girl bed by having her take naps in her big sister’s bed.  She still sleeps in her crib at night, but since her sister’s bed is in the same room, it works out well for Jujubee to get some practice in like this.

Jujubee LOVES this new napping arrangement.  She’s rarely pleased to go down for a nap, but when I ask her if she’d like to sleep in Lyd’s bed, she always gets very excited and happy.  A few days ago, I laid down in the bed next to her, and took a little nap with her.  With all the stress going on here lately with JJ’s Call, it was nice to get a midday nap.  Jujubee was delighted to have me there, and she fell asleep easily as well.

Today as I put her down, she specifically asked me to take a nap with her, so I agreed.  She snuggled in very close to me, and then started putting her arms around me, just the same way I do to her on the mornings when she wakes up early and I bring her into bed with me so she won’t wake up her big sister.  Jujubee got one arm under my neck (but without me putting any weight on it), and her other arm she put gently over my neck.  She scooched her head down close to mine so that our heads were touching, said, “Goo nigh, Momma,” and kissed me.  After a few little giggles and smiles between the two of us, we closed our eyes and settled down to sleep.

To be honest, I didn’t quite fall asleep totally, but I did get a pretty good doze in for about twenty minutes.  Jujubee, however, did manage to fall asleep with her arms around me.  It was so incredibly sweet.  When I wanted to get up, I shifted a bit, and Jujubee obligingly rolled onto her other side, letting go of me AND staying asleep.  What a girl. 🙂

It was so heartwarming to feel her love and affection for me in such a tangible way.  She is such a blessing. 🙂


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