God and adoption

I recently read this post on “God and Adoption.”  It was my first visit to this particular blog, titled Our Little Tongginator, but I felt that a lot of the author’s thoughts resonated with previous thoughts of my own.

Here’s an excerpt from the post:

To say that it was God’s first choice for a child to experience adoption is the same – to me – as saying that it was God’s first choice for someone to be murdered. That may not make sense to some of you, but it’s how I feel. Whether I am right or wrong, I do not know. I’ve never claimed to be a Biblical scholar. But it IS how I feel…

God’s call is very specific to care for widows and orphans. TOGETHER. It says WIDOWS and orphans. And it says TO CARE FOR, not necessarily to adopt. Which, to me, reinforces the idea that family preservation is God’s top priority and that adoption is His second choice for a child. I often think of many within the church – those who are pushing an adoption agenda with a zeal that makes me feel uncomfortable, especially when they are closing their eyes to corruption and coercion and the like…

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