encouraging and inspiring you! (aka. making you feel like crap)

Here’s another great post from Elizabeth Esther, called “Encouraging and Inspiring You! (aka. making you feel like crap).”  It’s a wonderfully honest post that carries some of the same thoughts as my “Why I’m Not a Proverbs 31 Woman” post of last year.  Here’s a quote from it:

For so much of my mothering journey I’ve been desperately trying to PROVE myself. I would read the blogs of other moms who “seemed” to have it all together. They never once wrote about how difficult it was to maintain their sanity. Instead, every single post was written as an “encouragement” and finished off with a delectable picture of a made-from-scratch casserole.

Now, look. There is nothing wrong with that. The problem was me. The problem was that I couldn’t read those blogs without comparing myself to them and then feeling like crap afterwards because I was never gonna measure up…

Read the rest of her post here.


One thought on “encouraging and inspiring you! (aka. making you feel like crap)

  1. For me, if I write a post about organic homemade this or that, it’s usually because I am zenning “if you can’t say nuthin nice…don’t say nuthin at all.”

    And all I have nice to say is “Here ya go; here’s a recipe.”

    I don’t mean to vent on my blog, but it just happens. I try so hard and so long not to, that I end up leaking a little then I feel guilty and scramble to find something less obnoxious that will (hopefully) woo back the friends I’ve just scared off.

    I guess that’s one of the reasons I want to start a new blog. To start over and get rid of the ugliness. Not to make it fake, like EE was writing against. (I do totally get her point!) But just to make it less evil, like I have been. 😦

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