a call story

I’m not sure what’s more annoying to my readers: writing posts with links to other blog posts rather than talking about my husband’s call, or talking about the call while not giving any specifics away.

Feel free to state your preference in the comments.  😉

Regular readers will notice that I’ve been having a very difficult time coming up with blog posts in the past few weeks.  In some ways, I just don’t care about many other things right now.  Life is more or less in limbo until a final decision is reached.  My thoughts are definitely elsewhere.

I have accomplished some minor de-cluttering tasks lately, but nothing that didn’t need to be done anyway, regardless if we stay or go.  There would be a certain amount of panic involved if we would have to move in regards to the amount of stuff in our house.  Although, regardless if we move this summer or not, I would not want to move all of this stuff anyway, so I might as well ditch them now, so that when the Magical Time of Moving arrives, I’m somewhat prepared.

As for me, like I said last week, I’m at peace with whatever decision my hubby makes.  The question now is what decision will leave him most at peace.  Keep praying for that, friends.


Oh!  I have a great story to tell you all about the night JJ got his call!  Some of you to whom I’ve talked have heard this story, but a lot of you haven’t, so here it is:

The night JJ got his call, JJ had been gone that entire day to Sacramento, leaving around 7am and not getting home until 6pm.  Because I had predicted that JJ would get a call this summer (statistically, I knew his chances were good), for weeks I had been keeping track of churches that were calling new pastors.  One church that I knew needed a pastor was C____.  On that church’s website, I had read their newsletter and knew that a call meeting was being held that night.  So, at supper, as JJ and I discussed the bi-monthly WELS Call Report that had come out that day, saying which pastors had received, taken, or declined calls to various churches, I mentioned to JJ that C_____ was having a call meeting that night, and wouldn’t it be interesting if they called him!

My hubby scoffed.  “That place is not going to call me.”

(Turns out that was pretty close to the exact moment that the voters of C_____ congregation were voting.  God has a sense of humor.)

“You never know,” I said.

About ten minutes later, as I was cleaning up after supper and JJ was on the computer, the telephone rang.  We don’t have caller ID, so I didn’t know who it was.  As I walked over to pick up the phone, I hollered to JJ, “Maybe that’s [C______’s other pastor] calling right now to tell you you have a Call.”

“Yeah, right,” my hubby called back to me.

I picked up the phone and was greeted by an unfamiliar man’s voice.  He said, “This is Pastor [C______’s other pastor].  Is your husband there?”

And, right away, I knew why he was calling.  I knew exactly why he was calling.

I carried the phone into the room where JJ was sitting with his back to me while on the computer, held my hand over the receiver nad said, “It’s [C_______’s other pastor]!”

Without turning around to look at me, JJ replied, “Very funny.  Who is it?”

In a very dramatic, loud whisper I exclaimed, “It’s [C_______’s other pastor]!!!”

JJ turned to look at me, and later said that my eyes were each about eight inches across.  He took the phone from me, began talking and within a minute, nodded to tell me that, yes indeed, C______ HAD extended him a call.

Hmm.  Apparently I can predict the future — take me to Vegas – I’m hot!