a solo trip

Regular readers of this blog might remember that my husband had a number of business trips last fall, giving me plenty of chances to play “single mom.”  I wasn’t particularly keen on all of his trips, and after the trips were over and my husband and I had the opportunity for some quiet and peaceful time together over the holidays, we discussed how the previous months had been.  As a result of that conversation, my husband decided that I should have an opportunity to go off on a trip alone for an event, too.  “Why don’t you go back for your brother’s college graduation this May?” he suggested.

“Alone?” I stammered.  “Shouldn’t at least Jujubee come with me?”

“No,” he insisted.  “You go alone.  I can get [another pastor] to preach that weekend, and I’ll take the weekend off to be with the girls.  You go off and do something on your own for once.”

The Bible says “Wives, submit to your husbands,” so … okay!  🙂

In actuality, I was pretty nervous about the idea and didn’t commit to it for a few months.  I still am a bit nervous.  But my nerves were helped about a month ago during a conversation I had with a pastor-friend of mine.  I told him about JJ’s crazy scheme of me flying off for a weekend alone while JJ played Mr. Mom.  I told him that I was really, really nervous about it, and while I knew I should be jumping at the chance to be on my own for a few days, I was having a difficult time being excited about it.  My friend wisely responded, “Emily, that’s because you’re a good mom.  If you weren’t a good mom,  you wouldn’t be nervous about leaving your kids.”

Well, that nugget of wisdom made me feel a lot better.  I’ve given myself permission to be nervous, and strangely, giving myself permission to be nervous has made me … less nervous.  I AM still nervous, but it’s better now.

JJ says that I don’t have to prepare meals for him and the girls when I’m gone.  Okay then – no need to twist my arm on that one! 🙂  I will, however, make sure the fridge is well-stocked and the laundry is done.  And I’ll make sure to leave some Baja Fresh coupons attached to the fridge with a magnet, just in case.  😉

I leave around noon this Friday for my parents’ home, and I leave WI around 5pm on Monday evening and return to CA around 9pm.  I’ll have almost three full days on my own in WI, plus another day of travel.  I won’t have to haul a huge carry-on full of diapers and toys and activities and snacks for my children onto the plane.  It’ll be just me!  I will be able to read, sleep, and no one will be climbing on my lap, chattering in my ear, or being too loud where I would have to shush them down.  I’m planning to take along at least these two books: In Defense of Food by Michael Pollen and The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman (a book for my book club).  Perhaps I’ll take some fiction along, too.  What luxury!

And then I’ll come home to a husband and two daughters who will have been bereft of my presence for four days, and I expect that they will be VERY glad to have me home.  🙂


For those of you who live near my parents, I’m not planning to get together with anyone except family while I’m back.  Saturday is my brother’s graduation day, Sunday is church and a 90th birthday party for an aunt of my mother, and Monday I’m planning to spend quietly with my family.  I hope to get to see other familiar faces next time I’m in WI!


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