sisters becoming friends

Regardless of JJ’s decison regarding his call, we are taking a road trip to Phoenix this summer in mid-June.  Lyd is incredibly excited about the upcoming trip, although it seems the fact that the hotel has two pools is what has caught her imagination the most.  🙂  She’s been using her journal-writing time in Kindergarten to describe her plans and hopes for the trip.  I hope the trip lives up to her expectations!  As her mother, I think it’s wonderful to see her enthusiasm spilling over into her writing.

Lyd’s reading and writing have improved dramatically over the past year of Kindergarten.  She can now read simple stories on her own, although she still is such a perfectionist that she doesn’t yet enjoy reading.  But, as her skill levels grow, so does her confidence – bit by bit.  It’s cute to see her try to hide how proud she is of herself when she figures out a hard word.

Jujubee, however, has all the confidence that her big sister lacks.  Where Lyd doesn’t like to be the center of attention, Jujubee is far more comfortable in that setting.  Furthermore, she’s talking in actual sentences these days.  It still often sounds like jibberish if you don’t know what she’s saying, but gradually her speech is becoming understandable to more people all the time.  She’s got quite a strong and lively and cheerful personality; it’s wonderful.  🙂

Today these two sisters shared a lovely moment, and I had the joy of quietly observing it unfold.  After I finished teaching a music class to Lyd’s Kindergarten class with Jujubee participating as usual, the Kindergarteners moved into a different part of the room for “sharing time” (aka. Show and Tell).  As all the kids sat in a circle, Jujubee moved to sit on her big sister’s lap.  Lyd quietly welcomed her, and she held her arms around her little sister tenderly.  Both girls gently snuggled close to each other while still attentively listening to a child share about her particular toy.  I sat out of the circle, marveling at my two amazing girls — so different, yet each so loved by the other.

Remember my plans for giving them a brand-new pink bedroom this summer?  Well, regardless of whether we’re in CA or WI, plans are still on for that.  Up until recently, the idea had been for the girls to each have their own twin bed.  However, Lyd has gotten the idea into her head that she wants to share a bed with her sister.  Last week, I let them try sleeping together in Lyd’s twin bed, and while it didn’t work (I moved Jujubee back to her crib after about an hour), Lyd asks me every night when they can try sleeping together again.

So, perhaps before I buy two new sets of twin mattresses for the girls, I’ll let them try bunking down together on the double bed.  Philosophically, I like the idea of the sisters sharing a bed.  It fosters the sharing of secrets and bonding for friendship, and aside from my girls being life-long Christians and getting safely home to heaven, I want nothing more for my girls than for them to be best friends.

It seems that they’re well on their way. 🙂


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  1. Jada and Kyra share a double bed and love it. Whenever there is thunder they hug each other. So cute!

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