magic needles

Today I had my first visit with my acupuncturist in almost a year.  It was nice to be back in that relaxing office, lying on a table with serene, rhythm-less music wafting through the air.

After spending some time discussing my symptoms and issues with my acupuncturist, having him look at my tongue, and having him feel my pulses in both of my wrists, (after feeling my pulses, he asked me, “Did you just eat?”  I had a half a sandwich before I came, I answered.  He could tell that just from my pulses!) it turns out that, unsurprisingly, my problems boil down to weak Kidney energy, same as always.  Then I took off my socks and shoes, rolled my pants up to my knees, and got up on the cushioned, towel-covered table.

Finally, he started putting the needles in.  They rarely hurt when they go in, but if they do hurt, it’s only for a moment.  Today I felt two of the needles go in, but it was not a problem.  Except for two needles just below my belly button, all the needles were in my arms and wrists or lower legs and feet.  Or head and ears.

I probably looked funny, but I felt good. 🙂

Once the needles are in, you lie there for half an hour-ish and let the needles “cook.”  And, if you’re like me and need to be warmed up, the acupuncturist points a heat lamp at your feet.  Ahh.  If I have an appointment where I’m really cold, my acupuncturist warms up a knitted tube filled with rice and lays it across my chest.  Now THAT feels good.

I brought along some bottles of powdered herb mixes that I had been prescribed back in late 2006/early 2007 but hadn’t used up.  Luckily, because my patterns are pretty consistent, those combinations of herbs still worked for me now, so I didn’t have to pay for my herbs this time.  Yay for being frugal, even with alternative medicine!

Hopefully this will give my body the extra boost it needs to get pregnant and hold onto the baby.  I think I’m close, but I’m not quite there yet.  Unfortunately, the stress of the last month took a noticeable toll on my body, and set me back a bit.  The homeopathy has definitely helped, but it’s time to add in another healing method that works differently.  I’m hoping it will work the same magic for me that it did three and a half years ago, when I successfully became pregnant with Jujubee.

There are benefits to living in northern California, and today I was reminded of one of them.  🙂