a loose tooth saga

Next week is Lyd’s last week of school, her last week as a Kindergartener.  Oh, my.  How time does fly.

She can finally read now!  Yay!  For some reason, she doesn’t like reading aloud in front of me.  Frankly, she doesn’t even like anyone knowing that she can read – except for her teacher.  She really hates being in the spotlight in any way, and so I have to “trick” her into reading in front of me, and heap on the praise when she does.  I have promised to share some easy chapter books with her once school lets out for the summer, and she is very excited about that.

She is up to six teeth lost.  Her first top front tooth was lost about two months ago, and soon her second top front tooth began to get loose, too.  For the past three weeks, it was quite loose — to the point where it was sitting crooked in her mouth.  I teased her that I could pull it out for her if she wanted, and she always screeched “NOOO!” at me.  So, I instead encouraged her to twist it and wiggle it to help it get a little more loose.  She did that off and on, and last Sunday she really got into it.  On Sunday afternoon she asked me to look in her mouth, and when I did, I could actually see the bottom of the tooth on one side!  In the evening, after supper, as she was sitting at the table, she said to me (for what seemed to be the hundreth time), “Momma, look at how much I can wiggle my tooth!”  I obligingly looked, and noticed a whole bunch of blood in her mouth – but yet that tooth was still hanging there!

I said, “Lyd, I’m sorry, but I have to pull that tooth out now.  It’s bleeding all over and it has to come out.”  She still protested, but when her Daddy and I both said the same words in matching firm tone of voice, she resignedly sat down and opened wide.  I gave one quick tug on her tooth and it came right out.  It continued to bleed quite a bit for another 15 minutes, but at least the tooth was finally out!

Not surprisingly, the new tooth is already poking through the top of her mouth.  The first top tooth, the one that she lost a few months ago, is well on its way in, so she won’t have this gap-toothed smile for long.  Too bad – I think she looks so adorable without her two front teeth!

She’s tall and strong and beautiful and smart and funny and sensitive and an all-around lovely girl to be with.  And she’s definitely growing up!  But she will always be my little girl.  🙂  I adore her.

PS.  You can see a picture of Lyd and her gap-toothed smile here.  And you can (sort of) see how tall she is here.  You can better see how tall she is here (she’s in the middle pew on the right side, a head taller than her classmates).  And you can see a slightly strained smile on her face here (she’s the one in the blue hat on the right side of the picture).