arrival of the grandparents

My mom and dad arrived tonight (Sunday) for 9 days.  We planned this barely a week ago, and yet somehow it all came together and with reasonable airline fares, too.  Yay!

They will be here for Lyd’s last week of school, which includes a Kindergarten Family Night on Wednesday, a families-are-invited field trip to Happy Hollow in San Jose on Thursday, a half-day on Friday with a cookout, and a Sunday service where the schoolkids sing two hymns and the Kindergarteners have a little graduation ceremony after the service.  There’s a lot of good grandparent activities planned for the next week, which is why I had the last-minute idea to have them come out for these events.

Unfortunately, Jujubee and I are both a bit sick.  Hopefully, we’re over the worst of it.  I’m congested and coughing, and Jujubee has a drippy nose and coughs all the time.  I’m not sure if it’s bronchiolitis or not.  I started her on oral steroids and breathing treatments this afternoon, and while it helped a bit, it didn’t seem to make that big of a difference.  However, about 20 minutes after she went to bed tonight, as I listened to her coughing away, I gave her a dose of prescription Cheratussin (a cough medicine), and that seemed to do the trick.  She’s quietly sleeping now, which is very good and very needed!

Both of my daughters were so excited to see their grandparents this evening.  Lyd, of course, remembers them well, and she came along to the airport with me to pick them up.  Jujubee, however, is only 2.5, and we did not prep her much at all for the arrival of her grandparents.  While Lyd and I drove to the airport, she stayed at home with her daddy (and was apparently QUITE dismayed to discover that both Momma and Lyd were gone!)  However, when Grandpa and Grandma got out of the car to walk into the house, Jujubee looked at them for a moment, and then ran to her Grandpa with open arms.  Yay!  She was very excited to see them, readily gave hugs, and was especially eager to show them her various toys.  I think she’s going to be just fine with them around.

So, hopefully she and I will get well soon, and I definitely plan to enjoy having my parents around for a while!