knee problems

Looks like summer is going to be a slow posting time for me…

My parents left early yesterday morning.  My mother left behind a granddaughter who now knows how to play Yahtzee, and my father left behind a clean a swept up driveway, a raised container garden and new vertical blinds installed in the upstairs bedroom.  It was good to have them here.  We all enjoyed their visit.

Now JJ and I and the girls are in full preparatory mode for leaving for Phoenix on Saturday.  It should be a lot of fun, and we’ve been looking forward to it for months (especially Lyd), but I’m getting very anxious about the trip.  Specifically, I’m getting anxious becuase my right knee has been giving me lots of problems over the past few months, with the last month being especially problematic, and my right knee is my driving leg.  It hurts when I drive, and we have at least an 11 hour drive in front of us.  I won’t be driving that entire time, of course, and our Odyssey does have cruise control, but still.

I don’t know what the problem is.  My knee pops a lot of the time, sort of like cracking one’s knuckles.  However, I’m not trying to make it crack (and I never have).  My chiropractor has been adjusting it, and there are plenty of sore spots that he finds.  Right now my right hip is a bit out, too, which doesn’t help.  So, this ailment with no soon-anticipated finish has me concerned.

I’m not sure what initially caused this.  I know that I’ve tended to stand funny on that leg ever since I had my surgery on my left foot; I’m not sure why.  I often would catch myself standing (at the sink or the stove) in such a way as to put the pressure on the outside of my right foot.  I don’t know why I unconsciously did that, and I don’t know why it’s catching up on me now.  But you can bet that I’m very conscious of how I stand and walk now! (although that’s tiring and stressful, too).

Interestingly, this problem may be helped by my acupuncture sessions.  I re-started going to acupuncture again a few weeks ago in an effort to get pregnant.  My symptoms tend to match that of Kidney Qi deficiency, and one of the more unusual Kidney Qi deficiency symptoms is — knee problems.  Go figure.  So, hopefully as my system gets stronger again through acupuncture and herbs, my knee will improve, too.

Whenever I have an ailment that doesn’t seem to have an easily resolveable ending, it makes me anxious.  This knee problem is really getting under my skin (literally – ha ha!)  But in my better-rested, calmer moments, I know that this too shall pass, sooner or later.  If nothing else, it reminds me that I am still a sinner, and my body demonstrates the effects of that sin.  I still need God’s forgiveness and love, and I need to remember God’s promises that “Everything works out for good for those who love God.”  Even unusual physical ailments like a bum knee will still somehow work out for good.

And someday I’ll have a brand new body in heaven where everything will work perfectly with no knee problems, foot problem, or Kidney Qi problems.  Sooner or later, I will feel much better.  🙂