off to Phoenix

We’re leaving today for Phoenix, on our way to attend the Arizona-California District Convention of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.  My pastor-husband is the one who officially needs to go, since he’s a pastor in the district as well as the district Worship Coordinator.  This convention is held every other summer (in even-numbered years).  Pastors often bring along their wives and families, but in the past, that week has always been my last week of teaching.  I hate to miss the last week, so I’ve always stayed home with the girls.

However, this year my classes finished a week early, so we’re all driving down to Phoenix together!  Yay!  Initially we were thinking we’d fly down there, but then we priced out tickets — and decided to drive our trusty minivan instead.

It’s an eleven-plus hour trip through a lot of desert, and we decided to break it up into two days of driving.  My last class actually finishes today, Saturday, at 11:30, so after a quick lunch and after making sure the van is all packed, we’ll be off to drive as far as the San Bernadino high desert area, where we’ll spend the night with some friends.  On Sunday morning we may or may not go to church, but we will be driving across desert the whole way to Phoenix.  It will be HOT.  I hope our A/C holds out.  We need to be in Phoenix by Sunday evening, because my husband has a rehearsal to attend for the opening worship service on Monday morning.

We’ll be staying at the Arizona Golf Resort and Conference Center, which is where this particular convention is always held.  It’s got two pools, which Lyd is ecstatic about.  A number of my pastor’s wife friends will be there with their kids, which will be fun for us ladies as well as the kids.  Lyd and I bought some pool apparatus items, which she’s excited to use.  We reserved a small suite, with a small kitchen and living area and a separate sleeping area.  JJ says there’s a nice grocery store across the street, so I plan on picking up items to make breakfast and likely lunch in our hotel room, and then eat out for supper.

We’re all really looking forward to this trip.  The forecast for Phoenix next week, however, is HOT!

  • Sunday – 94 degrees
  • Monday – 100 degrees
  • Tuesday – 104 degrees
  • Wednesday – 105 degrees
  • Thursday – 104 degrees

I hope the A/C in the resort doesn’t give out!!!

I also found a children’s art museum in the Phoenix area that I may try to take the girls to, as well as an indoor kiddie park with rides and a carousel.  Plus, with all the other pastor’s wives and kids around, we’ll have plenty of people to meet and spend time with.  I think the girls and I will find plenty of things to do while the convention is going on!

And, best of all, there’s a Culver’s not too far away!  Joy, oh joy!  I’m sure we’ll be visiting there frequently, too. 🙂