vacation bliss

Lyd has said to me more than once over the past two days: Mom, I want to live here.

I have to agree with her.

Life is simple here.  Indoor living space is small, but it’s working out just fine.  Outdoor space is copious.  We are in a small section of the resort where our door faces an outdoor courtyard with a lovely fountain.  Many other called worker families are staying in this section of the resort, too, so our kids all play outside together in the mornings and evenings.  And noontimes.

The rest of the time we’re all at the pool.

The girls and I were at the pool all morning, along with lots of other pastor’s wives and their kidlets.

Now when toddlers are napping, and the older kids are back in the pool.

Soon I’ll be napping, too.

The weather is hot, and I am finally wonderfully warm.  The a/c is set at 78 degrees in our suite, which is perfect for me.

I’ve been wearning my swim suit all day.  I love it.  I bought it new at Kohl’s just before we left (literally.  The car was packed, and JJ and Jujubee were filling up with gas while Lyd and I shopped.)  I didn’t even try it on – and it fit perfectly!  It’s a two piece, but it’s a perfect mom-style two-piece — the top is like a tank top where it comes down to your waist, and the bottom is a skirt that fits like a miniskirt around the hips.  It’s wonderful and perfect for a 100 degree day in Arizona.

I didn’t put enough suntan lotion on Lyd yesterday, and she got a nasty burn on her back under her shoulders.  Bad Momma.  Poor baby.  But that’s been the only downer so far.  And it hasn’t slowed her down too much.  She spent all morning at the pool, and is in the process of spending all afternoon.  She is richly coated in sunscreen.  🙂

We all are enjoying my time here so much.  Relaxation is an amazing gift.

I am going to go nap now.  🙂


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