wrapping things up

Well, the convention is over.  Everyone has gone home, except for us and a few other pastors and their families who got invited to the district president’s house this evening for supper.  We all played the card game Pit after supper, and I won handily on many rounds.  When I left the room for a few minutes between rounds, I came back to find that the hand I had been dealt had all but one of the cards of one kind, so I only needed one more to win.  What luck!  An extra easy round to win! — or so I thought.  No matter who I traded with, I could NOT get the last card I needed to win the round!  When someone else won the round, I loudly expressed my frustration over my situation, only to have the other five men at the table burst into uproarious laughter.  Those pastor-men had conspired against me by stacking my hand and then making sure I didn’t get the one card that I needed!  It got a big laugh from everyone, myself included. 🙂

Tomorrow we check out of our hotel, perhaps finding time for one more short dip in the pool.  Lyd would like that very much.  Then it’s off to the Museum for Kids in Phoenix, and then back onto I-10 for the loooong drive home.

We went to Culver’s for lunch today, along with three other pastors and their wives and kids.  Yum!

It’s been such a wonderful treat for us to be here.  It’s going to be hard to go back.  But, we “bear our crosses willingly” and return to work.  The bearing of crosses was the theme at this convention, based on Prof. Deutschlander’s book “The Theology of the Cross.”  It was a good reminder.  The Christian life always has crosses to bear, and one should expect them.

It was lovely to be here, but it will be lovely to be home, too.  And, in all honesty, we have to go home soon – we’re all just about out of clean clothes!