I suppose it’s normal, but it’s no fun, even if it’s expected.

I’m having a pretty big case of letdown.

I had so much fun in Phoenix at the district convention.  I was surrounded by old and new friends, new places, and lots of activity.  For an extrovert like me, it was wonderful.  I felt physically great while in Phoenix.  All my little ailments magically disappeared.  My knees didn’t bother me, my anxiety was practically non-existent, my stress level went way down, and I just felt wonderful.

Of course, now that I’m back home, my little ailments have all returned, my anxiety has come back (situations here in our congregation are pretty stressful right now), and I feel tired and cold and blah.  Plus, of course, all the housework and clutter and the “to-do” list that I escaped from for a week is now confronting me once again.  Yuk.

Furthermore, I’m really concerned that all this stress will keep me from getting pregnant.  I’ve already been seeing my acupuncturist for over a month.  Ideally, I should be calm and relaxed.  Right now, I’m not!

It’s all very frustrating, especially after the great week I had last week.

I know that it’s normal to feel letdown after a big, fun event.  But I wish it didn’t have to be that way.  I know the letdown will eventually ease up, and life will return to the normal stress level that it was before.  Sigh.

I’m praying something changes soon.