acupuncture is cool

I had a lovely acupuncture appointment today.  I felt so calm and relaxed afterwards.  Of course, it’s not too difficult to come away feeling calm and relaxed when you’re lying flat on a table fore 45 minutes with non-rhythmic music and sounds floating in the background! 🙂

Today I had two occurences that reassured me that there really IS something to this acupuncture thing.  It’s not that I didn’t believe it before, but it’s nice to have reassurance.

First of all, Eric, my acupuncturist, mentioned to me today that the first two points he was going to needle might be a bit painful at first.  I (usually) don’t feel the needles go in (unless he accidentally hits a pore, and he did that once today – Ouch!), however once these two specific spots were needled, I could tell right away.  Eric said that both points would ache and feel full, and they definitely did.  I guess the needling drains that fullness off, releasing the energy to flow freely.  That’s what acupuncture does: it releases fullness and promotes flow of Chi (energy).  It’s so weird.  After Eric and I discuss my symptoms, and after he looks at my tongue and feels my pulses, he will often find (what seems to me to be) a random spot on my body, usually on my leg, and ask me “Is this sore?”  I always answer “Yes!” even though I hadn’t noticed it before.

The other cool thing that happened at my appointment today happened after I had been lying on the table for about 20 minutes or so.  There I was, flat on my back, needles sticking out of my feet and lower legs and wrists and lower arms and a few in my ear and one between my eyebrows and one on the very top of my head, floating away on the relaxing rhythm-less music.  All of a sudden, I felt like something was pulling me up between my legs.  It didn’t hurt; it felt like I was being pulled up by a swing or a sling or something like that.  (Picture sitting upright in a hammock with all the fabric bunched between your legs and your feet on the ground, and then imagine how it would feel to have yourself and the hammock be lifted up while you’re sitting that way.  That’s how I felt.)  It was a very distinct sensation of being pulled up from, well, my crotch.  The sensation lasted for a few minutes, and then eventually faded away.

I mentioned it to Eric when he came back in to take out the needles, and he said that was probably because of the needle that had been placed in the top of my head.  That point is a “lifting” point that draws up energy into the body.  It’s used during pregnancy to “hold on to the fetus.”  (No, I’m not pregnant.  I wish!)  But it’s also used to draw up energy into the uterus area, energy that would be useful for, well, for getting pregnant.

It was so odd, because there I was, utterly relaxed, and yet I felt this sensation SO strongly of being lifted up between my legs.  And that’s what that particular point does!  I guess this idea of energy meridians (channels) running through one’s body isn’t just hokey medicine.  It really is true, and acupuncture really does make a difference.

Now I’m going to take my well-acupunctured body off to bed for some much-needed rest.  The girls woke up at 6:30ish this morning, thanks to the noisy recycling truck driving through.  Ugh!  I wish it wouldn’t always comes through so darn early in the morning!  Grrr.  Hopefully the girls will sleep longer tomorrow morning, so that I can sleep, too.