God in control

There are so many things in my life right now that I wish were different.  I am not currently one who could be labeled content with her life.  And, me being me, I tend to obsess over the things that I don’t like.

This is physically exhausting.  (And it’s bad from a chinese medicine perspective.)

It is also not a particularly faith-filled behavior.  One must bear one’s crosses willingly.

Grr.  Sin.  It’s always rearing its ugly head.  Once again, I need to ask God for forgiveness and try again to trust that God is in control.  God’s timing is perfect, his plan for my life is going accordingly, and all I need to do is trust.

Long-time readers and good friends in real-life can probably make excellent guesses as to what problems I’m talking about.  I don’t plan to divulge them all again here.  And if you don’t know my specific problems, in actuality, you probably have your own problems that you need to give up to God, too, so my words apply to you as well.

Being in control is so desirable.  I want to be in control of what happens when in my life, and in my mind, I have a perfect idea/solution for every situation.  Oddly, God doesn’t usually do what I recommend.  But yet, his plan always works about best.

So, tonight I’m going to remind myself of the promises God has kept in the past, the good things he has done in my life, and use that as a reason to trust God with my future as well.

Everything is going to be already IS just fine.

I hope I can better learn to let God be in control and not worry.