lots and lots of coughing

Well, it’s been a long 24 hours in our household.

It started last night around midnight when I heard Jujubee coughing in her bed.  And coughing.  And coughing.  Finally, I got up and gave her a dose of some prescription cough medicine that I’ve occasionally given her in the past two weeks, as she’s had some ongoing nighttime coughing issues.  The medicine didn’t help.

About an hour-ish later, I tried giving her some straight honey, hoping it would soothe her throat.  She didn’t like the taste of it, nor did it help.

Around 2:30 a.m., after lying awake listening to her cough repeatedly, I tried a homeopathic remedy with her (Spongia 30C).  I don’t know if it was the remedy or not, but 15 minutes later, she finally fell asleep with no coughing.

As did I, most thankfully.

Until she woke up at 4:45, coughing once more.

So, I carried her downstairs to the living room recliner, where we tried to make ourselves comfortable in a more upright position.  After a while, I thought to try laying a cool, wet washcloth across her neck, in hopes that it would quell her coughing.  She didn’t like it, but I think it finally helped a little bit, because a little before 6am, she fell asleep while snuggled next to me in the chair.

I carried her upstairs to her crib (Lyd was sleeping in the double bed in the guest room, and I didn’t want to put Jujubee back in that bed and risk waking Lyd up anymore than she already had been woken up), and laid down in the same room on the twin bed.  Jujubee slept for about two hours, then woke up with … more coughing.

All day long, Jujubee coughed.  She coughed indoors and outdoors.  She coughed while being active and while being still.  She coughed while eating, drinking, and while doing neither.  But, amazingly as always, she was still in a pretty good mood.  She wanted blankie and nukker more than usual, and she wanted more cuddles than usual, and she was a little quieter than usual.  But, she still sang “Sound of Music” songs as she played with her toys, just like she always does.  Considering all the sleep she didn’t get last night, she was in a very good mood.  She is always the happiest sick person I’ve ever seen.  Even as she was woken up time and time again by her coughing, she never cried or got frustrated.  She’s a real trooper.

Trooper or not, she did, however, endure lots of sneezing, sniffly, drippy clear mucus, and watery eyes during the day.  And her complexion looked, as my mother would say, “peaked.”

When I got her up after a coughing-infused non-nap around 4pm, I noticed she felt a little warm.  I took her temperature and it was 100.9.  Uh-oh.  When I checked it again three hours later after supper, it was 102.7.  Yowzers!  I called the doctors, got connected to a nurse, and she asked if I could make it to an 8:15 p.m. appointment in San Mateo yet that evening.  “Absolutely!” I said.

My concern was that Jujubee had pertussis.  She’s been vaccinated for it, but I know the vaccine isn’t foolproof.  Of course, this idea was helped by the newspaper article I read tonight that said that there’s an epidemic of pertussis in our county.  She had been coughing so much for so long – I thought our family was in big trouble.

All four of us went to this doctor visit.  Jujubee was the last patient of the night.  I explained our situation to the doctor, and he started checking her over.  Lungs – clear as a bell.  (Yay!)  Ears – Oh my.  Turns out she had an ear infection in both ears, although it was worse on the right.  All the coughing was probably being caused by post-nasal drip.  The worsening ear infection caused the high fever.  So, we managed to get her prescription of Amoxicillan picked up before our local Walgreen’s closed, and already Jujubee is sleeping better tonight.

How she could endure a double ear infection with nary one peep of pain is beyond me.  What a girl.

I think this sudden illness was caused by the cold spell that arrived yesterday afternoon evening.  Because it is so stinkin’ cold here right now!  Temperature-wise, it’s only 55 degrees, but with the wind blowing and with the perpetual mist that’s in the air – it is COLD!  When we all bundled up to go to the doctor’s tonight, the girls both wore their winter coats and hats!

(I hear that Arizona is quite hot right now.  I could use a little of that heat.)


Jujubee most likely does NOT have pertussis, although the doctor we saw tonight recommended that all four of us get a pertussis vaccination this summer, and I think we will.  I won’t if I’m pregnant, but if not, I will.  I really don’t want to have to deal with that illness.

My homeopath and I are going to talk tomorrow to find a way to homeopathically help Jujubee recover from this illness, too.  This is good.

So, the mystery is solved.  Jujubee is going to be okay.  And, best of all, Jujubee has now been asleep for a solid 30 minutes with much less coughing than before.  Hopefully it will get better and better as the night goes on.  Praise the Lord for good doctors!

I hope my little sunshine is back to her normal self soon.