experiments in song

This blog post likely won’t surprise any of you, but in the spirit of marking my children’s milestones, here’s how my daughters’ singing expertise is developing…

Lyd has begun experimenting with singing harmony.  She and I have started singing simple rounds, like “Row Your Boat” with me singing one part and her singing another.  She likes singing rounds, but gets very frustrated when she messes up.  However, as time goes on, she is improving.  She has also begun to try to harmonize with songs that are playing on CDs or that someone else in the family is singing.  Her harmony isn’t often correct, but sometimes it is, and again, it’s a developmental process.  She IS improving.  And, the fact that she’s even trying to sing harmony is very good.

Jujubee LOVES to sing.  She goes around the house singing more than anyone else in the family.  Right now, she usually sings songs from “The Sound of Music.”  “Do-Re-Mi” is her current favorite, with “Sixteen Going on Seventeen” in second place.  She knows the words to the other songs too, but those two are her favorites.  The other day, JJ overheard her singing to herself as she was coloring on the table in the dining room (on paper, fear not).  She was making up her own words to “Sixteen …” — rather than singing the words as written, she was singing something about “I am macaroni going on [some other food]” while sticking to the original tune.  She makes up words quite frequently, but because she still doesn’t always keep pitch well on her own, we sometimes miss her creativity.  Nevertheless, she very obviously loves to sing, and we enjoy hearing her.  All those Music Together classes (where we make up different words to songs ALL the time!) are paying off.

In an effort to branch out my children’s musical horizons, this past week I introduced my girls to the original Broadway cast recording of the musical “Camelot,” which was Julie Andrew’s last Broadway role before beginning her film career with “Mary Poppins” and “SOM.”  Lyd has fallen in love with the soundtrack, and requests to listen to it again and again, especially the Julie Andrews numbers.  I learned this soundtrack as a child, too, listening to the vinyl record on my parents’ record player over and over, and it’s been nice to revisit this music again as an adult.  That show really had some lovely songs, the most famous of which was Robert Goulet singing “If Ever I Would Leave You.”

So, there’s a lot of singing at our house.  Not technically all day long (except for Jujubee – she sings all day long!), but plenty of music.  JJ and I have been blessed by these two girls, and the happiness they unknowingly create in our home helps balance the stress in other parts of our lives.  I thank God every day for the blessings that my two girls bring.  I don’t know what we’d do without them.  I guess that’s one advantage of having a more difficult time getting pregnant and having kids – it makes you extra thankful for the blessings that you do have.

And JJ and I definitely do adore our musical, happy, cheerful girls.